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Above all, the NROTC program is structured to compliment a normal college lifestyle. Midshipmen are encouraged to participate in varsity sports, student government, fraternities and sororities, clubs, and other extraurricular activities. Midshipmen have also participated in study abroad programs and various internships offered by the University.

Why Naval ROTC at Villanova University

As a Midshipman in the Villanova University Naval ROTC Program, you will be given the unique opportunity to share in all the experiences at one of the top academic institutions in the country while training to become an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. At Villanova University you can choose from over 50 diverse undergraduate majors. Villanova is among the Top National Universities according to U.S. News and World Report. For more information about the Naval ROTC at Villanova University check out the history page.

Want More Information About Naval ROTC?

If you are interested in obtaining an application for a Naval ROTC scholarship, or just want more general information about Naval ROTC, please check the official Navy ROTC website. Anyone interested in receiving more information about the Naval ROTC here at Villanova is encouraged to contact the Unit's Recruiting Officer, in John Barry Hall at 610-519-7380. For more information about the school, please visit Villanova University's homepage.

What is the India Company like?

The Villanova NROTC Freshman Orientation Program, otherwise known as India Company, is the orientation program available to all Villanova NROTC freshmen.  This training will include drill instruction, physical training, and study, to orient new 4/C Midshipmen into life at Villanova. At Fall Review, the members of India Company are separated and join the two permanent companies of Villanova NROTC.

Please send Comments or Questions to our Recruiting Officer and please be sure to provide an email or contact number.

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For more information on the United States Navy and Marine Corps, please view the following websites:

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This is not an official U.S. Navy Website

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