NROTC students.

Villanova University’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) provides world-class leadership development while providing students with full tuition, a book stipend and more.

Villanova University’s NROTC battalion consists of more than 70 midshipmen, under the advisement of an active duty staff of highly trained and motivated sailors and marines. Known for its dedication to excellence, motivation and pride, Villanova NROTC has provided our nation with the finest Navy and Marine Corps officers for more than 50 years.


2022-23 Annual Report

In the Annual Report, you will find photos of all of our major battalion events, with a little bit of fun sprinkled in. All of the blurbs are written by our battalion's midshipmen, from graduated seniors to newly promoted 3/C MIDN, to give an honest perspective of passion and pride. The Annual Report team worked hard to compile a year's worth of accomplishments, trainings, and ceremonies into just a few pages. We offer the final product as a glimpse into what your support helps this unit accomplish.

The NROTC program is structured to complement a normal college lifestyle. Midshipmen are encouraged to participate in varsity sports, student government, fraternities and sororities, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. Midshipmen have also participated in study abroad programs and various internships offered by the University.

As a midshipman in the Villanova University Naval ROTC Program, you will be given the unique opportunity to share in all the experiences at one of the top academic institutions in the country while training to become an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. At Villanova University, you can choose from over 50 diverse undergraduate majors.

Admissions Inquiries:
Please contact the Villanova NROTC Freshman Advisor.

General Inquiries:

Please contact the Villanova NROTC Public Affairs Officer.


Color Guard Requests:
Please contact the Villanova NROTC Color Guard