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Africana Studies offers a major as a specialization in Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) major. The major in Africana Studies provides an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to deepen students' understandings of the history, culture, religion, politics, literature, and society of Africa. Students may sign up for the major and choose their Africana Studies specialization through the Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies in 36 Garey Hall. The GIS Chair and the  Program Director of Africana Studies will work closely with each student to develop their individual interests, abilities, and career goals while fulfilling the requirements for their major.   

The specific requirements for the major in  African Studies can be found on the GIS website. 

Minor (15 credits) 

The Africana Studies Minor is fulfilled by five courses with the AFR attribute for a minimum of 15 credits, of which the following must be included: 

AFR 3000:  Constructs of Blackness; one course in either Africana History or Literature; students may also combine three 1-credit IGR courses to count as one of the undesignated Africana courses; courses taken as part of a study abroad program may be counted  

Please see the courses for more information.

At present, the Africana Studies Program consists of over 40 course offerings, which change from semester to semester.

Introductory Core Cources

Choose one course from the following list:

COM 3207 - African American Rhetoric
ENG 2501 - African American Literary Tradition I
ENG 2502 - African American Literary Tradition II
ENG 2730 - Intro to African Lit I
ENG 2740 - Caribbean Lit
HIS 2291 - African Amer His during Slaver
HIS 2292 - African Amer His since Emancip
HIS 4115 - Roots of African Culture
HIS 4120 - Emergence Modern Africa

Elective Courses

Choose five courses from the following list:AFR 5000 - Ind. Study Africana Studies

ECO 3127 - Econ Underdeveloped Area
EDU 3263 - Diversity and Inclusion
EDU 3265 - Global Racism in Schools
EDU 3266 - Civil War Exp in Education
ENG 2510 - Black Literature: Novel
ENG 2515 - Black Literature: Drama
ENG 2520 - Black Lit: Short Story
ENG 2530 - Harlem Renaissance
ENG 2731 - Intro to African Lit II
ENG 2735 - African Drama
ETH 3250 - Ethics & The Culture Wars
GIS 4751 - Cultural Studies
HIS 2181 - Civil War & Reconstruct
HIS 4130 - South Africa His Perspec
HIS 4195 - Topics African History
HIS 4997 - Topics in the History of Race
PJ 2800 - Race, Class, & Gender
PJ 4600 - Global Poverty & Justic
PJ 5100
- Discrimination, Justice & Law
PJ 5200 - Perspectives on US Poverty
PJ 5500 - Politics of Whiteness
PHI 2190 - Freedom
PSC 2775 - Pol Econ of Black America
PSC 4700 - Africa
PSC 5500 - Africa in World Politics
SOC 2950 - Perspectives on US Poverty
SOC 3600 - Race & Ethnic Relations
SOC 3700 - Urban Sociology
THL 3300 - Church: Unity & Diversity
THL 3740 - Liberation Theologies
THL 4600 - Global Poverty & Justice
THL 5150 - Introduction to Islam
THL 5170 - Islamic Philosophy & Theology
THL 5180 - Islamic Political Thought
THL 5700 - Black Religious Experience

Contact Information

Maghan Keita, PhD
Director, Africana Studies Program
Professor of History
Phone: 610-519-6964

Joyce Harden

Administrative/ Events Assistant
SAC Room 036
Phone: 610-519-6302