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Academic Programs


Global Interdisciplinary Studies: Africana Studies  

34 credits / 12 courses

The major requires

  • "Introduction to Global Interdisciplinary Studies"
  • a junior research seminar
  • a senior capstone colloquium
  • a senior thesis written over two semesters
  • one semester of study abroad
  • two Global Interdisciplinary Studies courses
  • five Africana Studies courses.


15 credits / 5 courses

The minor requires:

  • "Constructs of Blackness"
  • one Africana Studies course in history or literature
  • three additional courses


Courses are offered in a wide range of disciplines and vary from semester to semester. Credits desired from electives taken by students during study abroad will be applied at the discretion of the Director.

Students interested in the minor should contact the Director of the program, while those interested in the Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) major should contact the Chair of GIS, but are also encouraged to speak with the Africana Studies Program Director.