ACS Cultural Events

Augustine & Culture Seminar Program (ACSP) CULTURAL EVENTS (CE) are carefully selected in order to introduce first-year students to the intellectual and cultural possibilities that college life has to offer, particularly within the Catholic and the liberal arts traditions. By engaging students in the life of the mind through what may be their first encounter with public lectures, conversations with internationally-known authors, professional theatrical or musical productions, or student-organized discussions, “ACS Approved” events aim to show that learning doesn't begin and end in the classroom. Rather, “ACS Approved” events take the intellectual dialogue outside the classroom in order to expand student learning in creative ways through different venues, whether on or off-campus. Students who successfully attend and share, through written work or class discussion, three or more of these events with their ACS professors per semester will satisfactorily meet their ACS Cultural Event (CE) requirement.

Where do I find listings of ACS Approved Cultural Events?

For the ACSP Cultural Events Shortlist - a list of those events created by ACSP and of those particularly relevent to first-year students in ACS - please follow the shortcut on the left or click here: Shortlist.

For the online Cultural Events Calendar that is updated periodically during the semester, please follow the shortcut on the left or click here: Calendar.


ACS Approved events should meet most, if not all, of the following criteria.

ACS events…
(1) relate directly or thematically to the texts of the Augustine & Culture Seminar for a given semester (found here);
(2) showcase any of the varied cultures inside or outside the Villanova University community;
(3) illustrate, exemplify, or otherwise relate to the Augustinian, or more broadly to the Catholic, intellectual
(4) feature dynamic and/or engaging content.


To submit your event for approval and/or listiing, simply click this link for the CE Submission Form: [Link Disabled for the Summer Break]

***To confirm the listing of your event, please first check the online calendar on the Monday after you submit it. We will contact you directly if and only if there are problems with your information or we do not list your event.***

With questions or concerns, please email