VIBE (Villanova Inclusion and Belonging Education) is a student organization that seeks to enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. This 6-week program exposes participants to a college experience with social and academic components as individuals work toward achieving a certificate from Villanova University.



VIBE Program Outline

VIBE Students at the Riley Ellipse

VIBE is a two-semester program that runs for two hours on Saturday mornings at Villanova University. Our first semester is 6 weeks in the fall and provides life skills in the areas of basic math and finances, health and nutrition, cooking, professional skills, and public speaking. Our second semester is 6 weeks in the spring and expands on the knowledge learned in the first semester.

The VIBE mentor program pairs participants with a current Villanova undergraduate to foster a lasting social relationship throughout the program.


Weekly Goals

Participants become familiar with the program, including who we are, what we offer, and what we hope to leave you with.  

Each participant is matched with a current Villanova student mentor to act as a friend, teacher and supporter throughout and beyond the duration of the program. We hope to make Villanova feel like home via a short campus tour.

During this session, we will focus on sustainable practices you can add to your daily lives. Stations include:

  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle, Managing Waste
  • Saving Money and Energy in your home
  • Interactive Budgeting Activity

This session focuses on health and how to stay healthy. Stations include:

  • Emergency Scenarios and First Aid
  • Mental Health and Ways to Improve It
  • Physical Health

During this Session, we focus on the importance of being aware and acting responsibly online. Stations include:

  • Texting and Email Etiquette
  • Social Media
  • Online Shopping

You get to be the teacher now! Each participant will prepare a 2-3 minute presentation to speak in front of our small group about anything they are passionate about, which is a great interviewing skill. We will work on public speaking throughout the VIBE program to prepare. Additionally, we will wrap up our program with certificate distribution.

During this session, Cohort Members will learn about money and the different ways we need to think about it such as budgeting or tipping. Stations include:

  • Tipping and Going out to Eat
  • Wants vs. Needs
  • Mock Grocery Store

During this session, we focus on engaging with other people and the importance of being aware of yourself and others. Stations include:

  • Social Cues
  • Physical and Personal Boundaries
  • Online Boundaries

During this session, Cohort Members will learn interview and employment tips. Stations include:

  • First Impressions and Interview Tips
  • Communication and Conduct
  • Time Management and Organizational Skills

During this session, Cohort Members will learn about eating healthy and the importance of being aware of what you are eating. Stations include:

  • Nutrition Labels and Healthy Snacks
  • Food Groups, Portion Sizes, and Balanced Meals
  • Health and Nutrition Fun Facts

This session is the culmination of our full year together. Cohort Members work together to present on one of the Session Topics and teach the key points to the group. Afterwards, we celebrate a successful year with a graduation ceremony.




VIBE, formerly known as VUnited, was founded by Morgan Sturgis '17 and Amelia Gabor '20 in 2016. VIBE is proud to partner with the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, Divine Providence Village, The Communities of Don Guanella, and the Villanova University Office of Disability Services.



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