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October 22, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Congratulations! We have made it to the second half of October. Students have stepped up to the challenges of living in the COVID-19 world and have made good choices overall. We are optimistic about a successful end of the semester. This email will review some upcoming events that call us to remain vigilant in putting Community First.

The Community First committee and the Campus Activities Team are planning several celebratory events on campus Oct. 30–31. These events will be Caritas Commitment-friendly and provide opportunities for students to relax outdoors with social distancing and masks. Indeed, what better day to wear a mask than Halloween?

I recognize that Halloween can be a time to host parties; I urge you to postpone such gatherings this year. There will be other Halloweens and other opportunities in the future to host a party, but now is not the time. Please continue to put Community First and modify Halloween plans accordingly. We do not want anyone to fail to complete the semester or to not be able to travel home in November because of decisions made at Halloween that jeopardize your own health or the health of your friends and family.

Election Day
Election Day is coming on Tuesday, Nov. 3. I want to thank the Student Government Association and others on campus who have worked on a robust voter registration drive for Villanova students. Student Government and the Office of Student Involvement will run shuttles with appropriate social distancing to local polling places to assist students in exercising their right to vote. It is an important civic responsibility, so remember to vote on Election Day.

The election is also a time to put Community First. We are a diverse community, with diversity of thought and belief. Our diversity makes us stronger. We are also a community of respect, which means we respect differing viewpoints. Love of our neighbor is the value we hold most dear. Be respectful and kind to each other, whatever the outcome of the election may be.

End of the Semester
Students will receive another email next week about the end of the semester. In the meantime, please know that resident students who are not able to travel home will be able to register for break housing, as in past years. Students who are traveling away from campus for the break will need to plan how to transition to home safely. Part of that planning is to protect family members by making good decisions on Halloween and through the remainder of the semester. More discussion of these considerations will be in my next communication with students.

V’s up. Masks on.



Rev. John P. Stack, OSA
Vice President for Student Life