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August 8, 2020

Dear Students,

I look forward to welcoming you to campus and the start of a new semester next week. I am writing today for those who are learning on campus this semester with important information about arrival that includes:

  • Protocol for coming to campus
  • Online student training course with campus health and safety measures
  • Nova Now app with helpful COVID-19 information and resources

CARITAS Commitment Certifying Participation in COVID-19 Testing Program

All students must complete the CARITAS Commitment form, linked below, which certifies their participation in the COVID-19 testing program. The Commitment allows you to certify your testing status as:

  • Tested and received results,
  • Tested and awaiting results, or
  • Not tested

The Commitment can be accessed using this link and may be resubmitted if your status changes. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission of the form. If you are an on-campus resident, please have this confirmation email available at your check-in time.

Protocol for Students Residing On Campus, as Reflected in the Commitment:

If, at your scheduled arrival time, either:

  • You have submitted your test and are awaiting the results; or
  • You have not been tested because you are coming from overseas or you otherwise were not able to receive the Quest test kit,

You may drop off your belongings at your residence hall, and then you must report to the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center will be able to check to see if a test result is in the system and, if not, will be able to test you prior to your taking up residence in your hall.

  • If you have been tested and received a negative result, you are eligible to move-in and should proceed to your check-in location.
  • If you have been tested and received a positive result, you are not eligible to return to campus until approved by the Student Health Center.

Protocol for Students Residing Off Campus and Learning On Campus, As Reflected in the Commitment:

  • Complete the Commitment before you arrive on campus. If the first day of Orientation or of class arrives and you are still awaiting the results, you must report to the Student Health Center for screening and testing.
  • If you have not been tested because you are coming from overseas, or you otherwise were not able to receive the Quest test kit, please report immediately to the Student Health Center before attending any classes for screening and testing.

Online Student Training Course

Students must complete a brief online training course by Wednesday, August 19. The COVID-19 Student Return to Campus Training is available in Blackboard and is assigned to all students. Visit MyNova to access Blackboard and use your Villanova credentials to login. The course is available under MyCourses within each student’s Blackboard account.

Nova Now App

The Nova Now app will include COVID-19 campus information and resources, including a daily self-assessment tool which you should use each day to self-monitor for symptoms. Please be sure to update the app to the latest version at the start of the semester.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure that all students on campus have participated in the COVID-19 testing program. It is as important as ever to work together with the purpose of taking care of one another and ourselves. As Villanovans, we can do this!

If you have questions, please email



Rev. John P. Stack, OSA
Vice President for Student Life