Our Mission, Vision and Values

The Division of Student Life strives to foster a diverse, inclusive, and just environment where each student explores meaning and purpose, experiences belonging and support, and embraces personal responsibility. We value each person and insist on providing a holistic experience where students can thrive and community can flourish in the spirit of St. Augustine and our Catholic heritage.



A University where love and respect animate every aspect of Student Life and where every person has the opportunity to become what they are not yet.



We, the Division of Student Life, appreciate each person who comes to Villanova with their own story which unfolds throughout their unique Villanova experience. Grounded in our Augustinian foundation of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas, we are dedicated to these shared values that guide us as we continue to write our stories together.


Student Life holds in high regard opportunities to explore the many aspects of development, and we value collaboration across departments and divisions to create meaningful co-curricular experiences. We believe in both intentionally challenging and appropriately supporting our students, and we walk with them as they discover who they are, and as they grow into their authentic whole selves.


We recognize that students thrive when they feel welcome and experience belongingness, and we strive to create an environment where people of all identities are welcome. Above all, Student Life values the creation of a university environment where all students are accepted and appreciated for their own unique identities and contributions to our community.


Student Life highly values the practices that dismantle discrimination against all identities as we strive to amplify the pursuit of social justice. By using intersectional approaches, we are dedicated to confronting systemic oppression and eliminating the injustices that negatively affect marginalized students, faculty and staff. The work of equity and justice is ongoing, and Student Life remains steadfast toward creating Villanova experiences accessible for all.


We recognize that taking care of ourselves and each other is a shared responsibility, and that everyone needs support to thrive. We realize that our stories are intertwined within the larger culture and systems in which we live and learn, and we value our obligation to foster a collective responsibility for personal and community well-being.