Two students look at an exhibit in the Villanova Art Gallery

As a member of a Catholic and Augustinian University, each Villanovan is responsible for creating a community where mutual love and respect for individual differences guide our community life. Therefore, I pledge:

  1. I will create a welcoming, safe, and supportive community where the dignity of each person is valued, respected, and celebrated. I will confront and reject all manifestations of discrimination, including those based on perceived race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, and/or status within or outside the university.

  2. I am committed to an educational environment where teaching and learning are at the center of who I am and what I do inside and outside of the classroom. I will listen for understanding, share ideas, raise questions, and express differences of opinion in a respectful manner and without fear of reprisal, insult, or denigration.

  3. I will embrace selfless action in the interest of the common good with integrity, compassion and humility guiding my decisions and behavior.

  4. I will not remain silent when someone is disrespectful. I will carefully interrupt when and where appropriate to speak out when disrespectful behavior is displayed.

  5. I acknowledge that respect, justice, and love define us as a community and are the standards by which I measure the success of my interactions. I will be attentive to uphold the dignity of others in all my communications, whether verbal, written or digital.

  6. I will build community through active participation in campus life aennd service to others and through the way in which I live with others in residence halls and apartments.

  7. I acknowledge that Villanova University’s Catholic and Augustinian identity calls me to integrate these ideals into my daily life. Each of us has an obligation to the community of which we have chos to be a part, so I will strive to build a true community of spirit and purpose based on mutual respect and caring.