Faculty and staff play a key role in the moments following a disclosure and are crucial to connecting someone to University resources.


What to do When Someone Discloses Sexual Misconduct:

Remember the three C's: Care, Connect, Contact

Step 1: Care for the Person

  • Ensure they are safe
  • Provide non-judgmental support

Step 3: Contact the Title IX Coordinator

You must report the incident

Ryan Rost, Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 610-519-8805
Email: ryan.rost@villanova.edu

Shannon Barnett, Title IX Case Manager
Phone: 610-519-8804
Email: shannon.barnett@villanova.edu


Next Steps

All instances of sexual misconduct (except those reported to a counselor/therapist and/or a priest in their pastoral capacity) must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator in a timely manner.

This report should include the following information (if shared):

  • name of the alleged respondent (if known)
  • the student who experienced the alleged sexual violence
  • other students involved in the alleged sexual violence
  • relevant facts, including the date, time and location

The Title IX Coordinator will ensure:

  • support, resources and options are offered to the involved student(s)
  • the University responds in an integrated, consistent manner
  • that every effort is made on behalf of the University to honor the wishes of the reporting student(s)

The Title IX Coordinator also keeps track of this information so that she can evaluate the scope of the problem, whether there are any patterns or trends, and oversee the design and implementation of appropriate campus-wide responses.


Additional Resources

Employees who have been informed by the Department of Public Safety that they are “campus security authorities” under the  Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (“Clery Act”) are legally required to report such incidents to the Department of Public Safety.

All such employees to whom an incident is reported should strongly encourage the reporting party, whether it is the Complainant or a third party, to speak directly with the Office of Public Safety, the Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator, or the Title IX Coordinator.



Student Health Center: 610-519-4070

Public Safety: 610-519-4444

Delaware County Victim Assistance Center: 610-566-4342

Employee Health Advocate: 866-799-2728


University Counseling Center: 610-519-4050

Clergy in a pastoral capacity