The Public Safety Department provides a variety of services to the University community. These include: proactive and preventative patrol, investigations, parking enforcement, residence hall protection, building/facility security, fire safety/prevention, crime prevention programs, crime prevention surveys and special event security.



Emergency alerts, notifications and updates are sent to all registered devices, including cell phones and email accounts.


Free smartphone app designed to help Public Safety respond to emergency situations quickly and with more information.


Online reporting form for any type of criminal activity occurring on campus.


Share feedback on the performance of the Department and its officers.


Learn more about campus-wide timely warnings with the purpose of notifying members of the community about crimes where it is determined that the incident may pose a serioius or ongoing threat.
View of an emergency call box in a parking garage on Villanova's campus.

DID YOU KNOW? Emergency call boxes are located throughout our campus and parking lot areas in order to provide emergency assistance to the Villanova community. Call boxes offer a direct link to Public Safety to report an emergency or to request a safety escort.




Students, employees or visitors in need of emergency medical services should contact Villanova’s Department of Public Safety at (610) 519-4444. Public Safety will dispatch the appropriate resources to address the situation.

The Villanova Emergency Medical Service (VEMS) is a 100% student-run, University supported, volunteer ambulance service licensed and dedicated to providing Basic Life Support (BLS) care to Villanova University’s campus community. When it is determined that a patient needs to be evaluated by EMS professionals and potentially transported to a health care facility, an ambulance will be dispatched.

VEMS typically provides service during evenings, nights and weekends. When VEMS is not in service, or when a patient’s reported symptoms suggest that more advanced EMS care may be required, the local ambulance service, Radnor Fire Company Ambulance, is called. Most patients requiring transport are taken to Bryn Mawr Hospital, located 1.5 miles from campus.

Paying for Services

VEMS services are free of charge. However, patients who are evaluated and/or transported by the local Radnor Fire Company Ambulance service are responsible for the charges associated with that service. For students, the University has entered into an agreement with Radnor Fire Company Ambulance where the University pays Radnor Fire Company Ambulance directly, then adds the charge to the student’s bill in exchange for a discounted rate. The University will notify the student by mail when the ambulance transport charge will appear on their student bill.

Most insurance plans provide some level of reimbursement for emergency medical transports. Since Radnor Fire Company Ambulance is considered “out of network” by insurance plans, reimbursement is sent directly to the person insured. Students who wish to seek reimbursement from their insurer for the ambulance charges need to contact Radnor Fire Company Ambulance directly and may be required to submit a HIPPA-compliant statement as part of that process, which can be obtained directly from Radnor Fire Company Ambulance for submission to the insurance company. For more specific information, students may reach the Radnor Fire Company Ambulance Billing Department Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm at:

Patricia T. Ash
570-477-1900 ext. 201

If you have lost an item (or found one) please call 610-519-5800 to report it.

Inquiries concerning Lost/Found Property will be handled in person, by telephone or by email. If you have lost an item, you can also report it using the Lost Property Report Form.


Ride-alongs allow students, faculty, and staff to observe and experience, first-hand, various functions of the Villanova University Public Safety Department. The term “ride-along” includes riding as a passenger with an officer on patrol or observing the work day of members engaged in other functions within the Department. Requests for ride-alongs should be made to Deputy Chief of Police Debra Patch by calling 610-519-6983.


Want to get to know an officer better in a small group setting? Schedule a meeting with an officer.


Having a meeting and want to learn about staying safe on campus? We’ll even buy the pizza! Schedule a meeting with an officer.


Mobile Treat Unit service is suspended due to COVID-19.

The Department of Public Safety provides Fingerprinting Services on campus for Villanova community members for employment and volunteering background clearances.


This service is available Monday to Friday, 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.


When you arrive a Garey Hall and enter the Public Safety entrance (on the County Line Rd. side of the building), go to the Dispatch window.

  • You will be asked to complete a small form with some basic information, including your UEID number. The UEID number is provided to you from an email from Idemia/IndentiGO after you successfully registered and paid (via coupon code) online.
  • A Public Safety employee will greet you and take you to the fingerprinting room and will ask for the ID you listed when you registered online.
  • The Public Safety Employee will then confirm some of the information you submitted.
  • Your ID will have the bar-code and/or magstripe swiped, and the ID will be scanned into the system.
  • All of your fingerprints will be taken using a special scanner, no ink is used.
  • Your photo will be taken so IdentiGO can confirm the ID and the person fingerprinted are the same.
  • You will sign an electronic signature device.
  • You will receive a receipt and you are done.

Fingerprinting Coupon Codes Request Form (Requests can be made only by HR Representatives, VU Faculty or Staff who oversee programs and activities involving minors.)

Authorized staff can make use of the Key Request Form. Students should check with their resident assistant, and staff members should contact their department heads for more information. See Key Request Policy & Procedures.

If you are a faculty or staff member who needs to access a building or room off-hours, please use the Room/Building Opening Request Form.

Public Safety supports on campus events by providing coverage, as necessary. The Special Events Manager coordinates special event staffing and can be reached at 610-519-6987.


Looking for information about parking or transportation on campus? Visit the Parking & Transportation website.






We are located at Garey Hall at the intersection of Spring Mill Road and County Line Road

Text: NovaPubSafe to 444-999 to download our V-Card

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