President’s Report 2020-2021

Father Peter seated outside laughing with students

A Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Villanova attracts and forges world changers.

No matter the year. No matter the circumstances. Villanovans ignite change. Even when things are tough—especially when things are tough.

In my President’s Report for 2020–2021, I have chosen to celebrate Villanova students who have taken action during this year when we were told to stay put. These students are creators, connectors and innovators. They have delivered what our community and our world needs—visionary ideas, unwavering commitment, points of connection, moments of levity and joy.

In a year like no other, these students made their mark, leading with vision and purpose.

Ultimately, these stories represent the stories of so many Villanovans who, during this uncertain year, have taken action and have gotten involved.

Again and again, Villanovans adapt, create and innovate. Villanovans ignite change.

Here’s to the change-makers.


The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75

The Change-Makers
headshot of Phong Nguyen Dang

The Aviation Entrepreneur

Phong Nguyen Dang ’21

Headshot of Anna Staiger

The Collaborator

Anna Staiger ’21

Headshot of Mervin Woodlin Jr.

The Award-Winning Educator

Mervin Woodlin Jr. ’18 MA, ’22 MS

Headshot of Alicia Piscatelli

The Sustainable Engineer

Alicia Piscatelli ’18 MS, ’21 PHD

headshot of Ronell Smith

The Wellness CEO

Ronell Smith ’21

Headshot of Ethan Carpenter

The Sports Analyst

Ethan Carpenter ’22

Headshot of Alex Tantum

The Influencer

Alex Tantum ’22

headshot of Arun Thottakara

The Podcast Creator

Arun Thottakara ’21 JD

Headshot of Joe Manganiello

The Podcast Creator

Joe Manganiello ’21 JD

Headshot of Tierra Smith

The Health Advocate

Tierra Smith ’21 MSN, CCRN-CSC

Headshot of Ted Bolte

The Student Leader

Ted Bolte ’21

Headshot of Michael DiMaio

The Nonprofit Visionary

Michael DiMaio ’23

Headshot of Laurenlee Dominguez

The Conversation Starter

Laurenlee Dominguez ’21

Headshot of Lauren Sem

The Winning Candidate

Lauren Sum ’21

headshot of Jasmine Mays

The Campus Connector

Jasmine Mays ’21

Headshot of Matt Davis

The Sharer of the Faith

Matt Davis ’21 MS

Headshot of Joey LaMorte

The Budding Researcher

Joey LaMorte ’23

Headshot of Michael Harding

The Community Champion

Michael Harding ’23 JD

headshot of Ioana-Taisia Turcescu

The Fashion Designer

Ioana-Taisia Turcescu ’23

“We are an Augustinian community that moves forward, that is not complacent, that believes the best way to improve your own life is by improving the lives of others.”

— The Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, ’75


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