Congratulations to our 2023 student award winners!

Congratulations to our student award winners! The medallion of excellence award winners are Isabel Vierra (criminology) and Matt Rosenberg (sociology). The McGarry award winners are Ezekiel Hopkins (criminology) and Ajee Robinson (sociology).

Matt Rosenberg earned The John E. Hughes Medallion for Academic Excellence

Matt Rosenberg

"I am deeply grateful to receive the John E. Hughes Medallion of Excellence in Sociology. I have learned so much from my wonderful professors and peers in the Sociology and Criminology department, who have ignited my love for sociology and made a tremendous impact on my life in and outside of the classroom. I look forward to utilizing my sociology education to affect positive change in the world around me as I move on from Villanova, and I am so thankful for all of the amazing individuals in this department who catalyzed my growth as a student and person. "

Isabel Vierra earned the Edwin Sutherland Medallion of Excellence in Criminology

Isabel Vierra

"I am honored to receive the Edwin Sutherland Medallion of Excellence in Criminology. My time at Villanova has been deeply impacted by the classes, professors, and other students involved with the Department of Sociology and Criminology. The love and excitement for the field is evident in the way the material is conveyed, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to further explore a subject I am so passionate about! "

Ajee Robinson  earned the Lawrence J. McGarry Award

Ajee Robinson

"I am honored to receive the 2023 Lawrence J. McGarry Award. My academic experiences as a Sociology major and Criminology minor at Villanova have been nothing short of inspiring. Thank you to every professor and mentor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology who has dedicated their time and patience to fostering my passion for social justice. I am forever grateful for your willingness to always believe in me and my aspirations, even when I did not always believe in myself. I hope I continue to make you all proud as I start my new journey at Columbia Law School in the Fall—a journey that would not have been possible had I not crossed paths with the people, places, and passions that I have grown to love here at Villanova!"

Ezekiel Hopkins earned the Lawrence J. McGarry Award

Ezekiel Hopkins

"I am honored to receive the Lawrence J. McGarry Award. My time as a Criminology major has helped me solidify my future career and left a long-lasting impact on the way I view myself in the context of the larger world. I'm so grateful to all of my professors who believed in me and guided me to be the best version of myself. I hope to continue making them proud as I enter the next stage of life, working to be a voice for the voiceless and bringing substantial change to disadvantaged communities throughout the country."



John E. Hughes was the Founder of the Department of Sociology at Villanova University. This award is presented to a graduating Sociology major who exhibits excellence in academics.

Past Winners Include:

2022    Christiana Holguin 

2021    Meagan Burke    

2020    Meagan Murray

2019    Sarah Knowles

2018    Anna DalCortivo

2017    Jorna Sojati

2016    Emily Walthouse

2015    Stephanie Uibel

2014    Corina Balsamo

2013    Kristen DiGloria

2012    Kristen E. Valosky

2011    Alissa C. Ricci

2010    Caitrin L. Coccoma

2009    Jacquelin Giacobbe

2008    Maggie T. Grace

2007    Brianne M. Orner

The Edwin Sutherland Award is named after a leading figure in criminology theory and research. The award is given to a graduating major in Criminology who exhibits excellence in academics.

2022    Lydia Becker

2021    Samantha Decarlo

2020    Lailany Viera

2019    Sarah Rizos

2018    Mackenzie Niness

2017    Meaghan Fabian

2016    Morgan Scully

2015    Angelica Lieto

2014    Jessica Dittmer

2013    Nicole Frisch

2012    Christopher M. Putvinski

2011    Chelsea K. Moylan

2010    Richard R. Baccare

2009    Kelly Kreider

2008    Ashley R. Newman

2007    Katie D. Baranek

This award is presented to a graduating student who best combines "Academic Excellence with a Commitment to Social Justice." Dr. McGarry was a member of the Sociology Department from 1963 until 2004. A deeply spiritual man, Dr. McGarry was a quiet yet relentless advocate for social justice. Generosity and a deep-seated concern for others were two of the outstanding qualities that made him a special human being. Each year he made significant contributions to a number of a non-profit organizations serving the poor. He always maintained a cordial and helpful relationship with his students, never failing to greet each of them with a smile. He was an esteemed colleague and an excellent teacher who was respected by four generations of students. His colleagues honored him for his commitment to his students and the less fortunate by establishing this award.

Past Winners Include:

2022    Anjini Patel        

2021    Madalyn Sullivan       

2020    Isabella Carrano & Meagan Murray

2019    Noelle Gambale, Kaitlyn Murray, Bethany Ho, & Avery Takaha

2018    Nora Charidah, Anna DalCortivo, Jocelin Rocha, & Abigail Smith

2017    Jorna Sojati

2016    Daniel Shea

2015    Jessica Flynn

2014    Meagan McCullough

2013    Melissa Madden, Amanda Mathew, & Molly Sapia

2012    Wendy K. Worjroh

2011    Mary Anna McCabe

2010    Diondra T. Burney & Caitrin L. Coccoma 

2009   Jaclyn McNamee

2008   Lauren E. Thum

2007   Kristyna N. Carroll

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