Roman Colosseum

Classical Studies at Villanova provides undergraduates with the opportunity to explore ancient Greek and Latin languages and literature, as well as a variety of aspects of classical civilization and culture. 

The Classical Studies program offers undergraduate language courses in Latin and ancient Greek at the Introductory and Intermediate levels, and also offers a number of upper-level literature courses—in the original languages—reading such authors as Vergil, Ovid, Cicero, Caesar, Homer, Herodotus and Plato. Students may fulfill their core language requirement at Villanova through study of Latin or ancient Greek. 

Classical civilization courses range from perennial favorites like Classical Mythology, to core curriculum courses such as Enemies of Rome, Law and Literature and Rome: The Ancient City, to core diversity courses such as Classics Transfigured, Greek and Roman Slavery, or Women in Sword and Sandal Films.


Villanova’s Classical Studies faculty are passionate about their work in the field and dedicated to supporting students in the study of classical antiquity.

The small class sizes in the Classical Studies Program allow faculty and students to work together and build a close-knit community as they share ideas and their enthusiasm for the Greco-Roman world.

Because Classics is an interdisciplinary field, it can serve as an excellent foundation for a multitude of careers. Students with a Classics background stand out from the crowd and possess skills in critical thinking and writing which graduate and professional schools, as well as employers, find valuable. 

Certain courses offered by the Classical Studies program also satisfy requirements in the undergraduate core curriculum, including language, fine arts, history, literature and writing, and diversity. Students taking these courses for their core requirements may also count them for the Classical Studies minor or a double major.

Classical Studies Program 
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Director of Classical Studies: 
Dr. Valentina DeNardis