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Facilities and Resources

The Falvey Library contains a host of scholarly periodicals and essential collections and databases such as:

  • The Oxford Classical Texts
  • The Teubner series
  • The Loeb Classical Library
  • Thesaurus Linguae Latinae
  • The Library of Latin Texts
  • L’Année Philologique

Research Support and Faculty Mentorship

The Classical Studies Program supports faculty and student research in a wide range of scholarly interests. Faculty contribute to scholarly publications and offer students opportunities to engage in faculty-mentored independent research.

Conference Travel Grants

The Classical Studies Program encourages students to present their research at professional conferences. Graduate students wishing to obtain support for travel to a professional meeting must apply to the Graduate Studies Office, which funds travel up to $1,000 ($1,200 for international travel).

Summer Research Fellowships

You will also have the opportunity to apply for Summer Research funding through the Graduate Studies Office to support travel and other expenses related to your research while in our program. Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship awards are made on a competitive basis in the amount of $3,500 for work in June, July and August.

Funding Opportunities

Tuition Scholarships

Villanova’s graduate school tuition is very competitive, and there are a number of ways to finance your MA in Classical Studies. All of the classes are held in the evenings, permitting you to work while in the program whether you are studying part-time or full-time.

The program offers graduate Tuition Scholarships. To be considered for these funding sources, you should apply for admission in the fall semester. Applicants for spring admission cannot be considered for these awards.

There are also assistantships offered by other Villanova departments and offices. If you apply for other University assistantships, you will still be considered for internal department funding.

For more information, visit Financing Your Education.

Benefits for Teachers

Villanova offers a 20% tuition discount if you teach in a public or private school, and a 40% discount if you teach at a Catholic school. We enthusiastically welcome teachers into our program in order to enrich their understanding of their subject matter and enhance their pedagogical skills.

Classical Studies Program 
SAC Rm. 304
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Director of Classical Studies: 
Dr. Valentina DeNardis


February 1: For admission with funding consideration for the fall

August 1: For admission without funding for the fall

December 1: For admission without funding for the spring

May 1: for admission without funding for the summer

If you have missed a deadline, please contact Dr. Valentina DeNardis to discuss your options.

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Megan Quinn '21 MA standing in front of the Colosseum

Meghan Quinn '21 MA

"As a teacher taking graduate classes in the evening, Villanova has been very accommodating to my needs. If I am ever required to attend events such as parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school night or a district board meeting, my professors have been very understanding and allow me to conveniently view whatever I missed online. Program director Dr. Valentina DeNardis has made the master’s program a pioneer in in the online/hybrid format, and she has done a superb job in incorporating the most modern technology in such an ancient field of study. I have translated ancient texts with students tuning in from states as far away as Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas. At Villanova, I study with the most outstanding professors and students with a passion for the Classics. I highly recommend this program without any reservation." Learn more about Classical Studies careers.