April 2023 Update: New rates for current positions are now available. Please be sure to communicate the new rates to affected student employees.

If a position in your department does not appear on this list, please email Rabbia Evans. If you would like to submit a review request for a new position, please complete the Student Job Analysis Questionnaire and submit it to Rabbia Evans.

This below wage scale is to be used as a guide when creating positions. The actual rate will be determined by job duties, academic level, and experience requirements.


Qualifications: Entry-level student positions requiring limited or no previous experience. Must be willing to complete necessary training.

Duties: Work is routine in nature and student employees will use routine equipment and/or software programs to perform duties. Ongoing supervision in work responsibilities.


Qualifications: Student positions with relevant experience that can be applied to the position. Must be able to demonstrate skills for intermediate tasks and be willing to complete necessary training.

Duties: Performs tasks that are routine in nature but may be required to make decisions based on precedent or standard operating procedures. Student may be required to use advanced equipment and/or software programs. May be required to train entry-level student employees. Some supervision required in work responsibilities.


Qualifications: Student employees in positions assigned to this level are required to have significant experience and/or have previously completed required training, e.g. licenses, certifications, advanced coursework, laboratory practices, advanced software and/or equipment technical knowledge, etc.

Duties: May be required to supervise and/or train others. Responsibilities are generally complex in nature and the individual must exercise judgment and make decisions based on precedent or standard operating procedures. Individuals in this position may be responsible for the care and/or safety of others. Minimal supervision required in work responsibilities.


Student employees who manage the general activity of an office/location and act as managers in the absence of key staff member(s). Individuals in this position are responsible for the care and/or safety of others. No supervision required.


Must be associated with degree of study. The specific tasks will vary depending on the nature of the work, but could include job duties such as: assist with planning and/or implementation of a research project; engage in literature searches and reviews; collect, code, or analyze data; assist in the synthesis of data/information; code computer programs; design and/or conduct experiments; assist in the preparation of manuscripts, presentations, grant proposals, etc.

$15.00/hour Undergraduate-level

$18.00/hour Graduate-level

$21.00/hour Doctorate-level