Villanova University offers QPR Training – Question, Persuade, Refer. QPR is a Suicide Prevention Tool that anyone can learn and use. Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. QPR is the most widely taught Gatekeeper Training in the world. More information can be found on the QPR Institute website.

Training Opportunities:

Villanova has many trainers available to provide a 60- to 90-minute QPR training for you or your department or group of staff and/or students. To participate in a QPR training, you may:

  • Contact one of the trained QPR facilitators listed below to set up a QPR training for your department or group. It will be your responsibility to reserve a room and to notify your group members of the time/date/location of the training.
  • Email the Counseling Center to request a QPR training for your group or department. We will provide the Trainer(s) for the training and you will reserve a room and notify your group members of the time/date/location of the training.
  • Email the Counseling Center to sign up individually for an open QPR training on campus

A training session may not exceed 35 participants.

Upcoming QPR Trainings

Join trained facilitators for Question. Persuade. Refer. training. Ask a question. Save a life.

QPR trainings for students and community members will resume in the Fall semester. 

Campus Resources:

University Counseling Center
Bereavement Group 610-519-4050
Student Health Center
(Open 24/7 when classes are in session)
Dean of Students Office
Health Promotion 610-519-7407
Campus Ministry
Residence Life Your R.A. / 610-519-4154

QPR Trained Facilitators:

Contact Email
Donald Altemus College of Professional Studies donald.altemus@villanova.edu
Stacy Andes Health Promotion stacy.andes@villanova.edu
Hedya Aryani General Counsel’s Office hedya.aryani@villanova.edu
SaraBeth Baker Office of Undergraduate Students (CLAS) sarabeth.baker@villanova.edu
Eloise Berry Intercultural Affairs eloise.berry@villanova.edu
Kathy Byrnes Student Life kathleen.byrnes@villanova.edu
Tom DeMarco Dean of Students tom.demarco@villanova.edu
Anna Drummey Office of Undergraduate Students (CLAS) anna.drummey@villanova.edu
John Edwards Campus Ministry john.p.edwards@villanova.edu
Dillon Eppenstein Residence Life dillon.eppenstein@villanova.edu
Michele Gianforcaro School of Business michele.gianforcaro@villanova.edu
Amber Haley Education and Counseling amber.haley@villanova.edu
Emily Harris Learning Support Services emily.f.harris@villanova.edu
Stephen Jones College of Engineering stephen.jones@villanova.edu
Susan Leighton College of Professional Studies susan.leighton@villanova.edu
Leashia Lewis Athletics leashia.lewis@villanova.edu
Jen Liberato Residence Life jennifer.liberato@villanova.edu
Catherine Lovecchio Nursing catherine.lovecchio@villanova.edu
Betty Patch Office of Undergraduate Students (CLAS) betty.patch@villanova.edu
Jessica Pellicciotta Health Promotion jessica.pellicciotta@villanova.edu
Charisma Presley Liberal Arts & Sciences charisma.presley@villanova.edu
Ryan Rost Title IX Coordinator ryan.rost@villanova.edu
Chris Schmidt Education and Counseling christopher.schmidt@villanova.edu
Madora Soutter Education and Counseling madora.soutter@villanova.edu
Stephanie Stefanik Office of Undergraduate Students (CLAS) stephanie.stefanik@villanova.edu
Barbara Stephen College of Nursing barbara.stephen@villanova.edu
Allison Venella Athletics allison.venella@villanova.edu
Edward Wahesh Education and Counseling edward.wahesh@villanova.edu
Theresa Walton Human Resources theresa.walton@villanova.edu
Guy Weissinger College of Nursing guy.weissinger@villanova.edu
Nancy Whalen Villanova Law School whalen@law.villanova.edu
University Counseling Center Staff      
Contact Email
Sean Dinan sean.dinan@villanova.edu
Samantha Logan samantha.logan@villanova.edu
Rick Neff richard.neff@villanova.edu
Tori Ostroff victoria.ostroff@villanova.edu
Candice Post candice.post@villanova.edu
Tedd Riccio edmund.riccio@villanova.edu
Natalie Sheridan natalie.sheridan@villanova.edu
Julia Stein julia.stein@villanova.edu


National Suicide Prevention Hotline (24/7): Call 988; https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Villanova Public Safety: 610-519-4444

Off-Campus: Call 911



In an emergency, call Villanova Public Safety at 610-519-4444.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 988.