Community Conversations

Villanova Community Conversations with Laura Wagoner

Laura Wagoner, assistant director of government and community relations at Villanova, sits down with Superintendent Chris Flanagan of Radnor Police and Radnor Township Commissioner John Nagle to discuss initiatives aimed at improving town gown relations. 

Villanova Community Conversations: Main Line Business Associations

Host Laura Wagoner discusses the local community/business relationships forged by Villanova University with the help of the Wayne Business Association's Chris Todd & Bryn Mawr Business Association's Tim Rubin.

Community Conversations w/ Dean Donna Havens, PhD, RN

Utilizing Zoom technology during the 2020 Corona Pandemic, host Laura Wagoner welcomes Dean Donna Havens, PhD, RN, FAAN, of the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University to discuss the history of Villanova Nursing and how students are helping to combat the pandemic.

Community Conversations: Stormwater Management & Engineering

Host Laura Wagoner welcomes Professor Bridget Wadzuk to discuss how Villanova University works with communities to designing, implementing, and monitoring stormwater control measures. Professor Wadzuk is a professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineer and works.

Community Conversations- Veteran Opportunities

Host Laura Wagoner discusses how Villanova University assists veterans with their post-service opportunities.

Community Conversations - Allison Venella & Student-Athletes

Laura Wagoner welcomes Allison Venella, Assistant Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Development to discuss the critical roll the Villanova Student-Athlete plays in campus communication with the community.

Community Conversations: Chris Kovolski and Community outreach

Host Laura Wagoner welcomes Villanova's Chris Kovolski to discuss how the nationally known university organizes the campus to work with the Radnor & Main Line communities as a helpful local neighbor.