Full-time undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.25 have the option of applying for admission into the five-year combined Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering/Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program.

Typical Five-Year Plan

  • Earn a BS degree after four years of study and complete the 30-credit requirement for the MS degree with one additional year of work.
  • Complete three graduate courses (9 credits) during the senior year, which will satisfy simultaneously their ME senior elective courses.
  • It is required that students take a summer course (3 credits) immediately following their senior year.
  • Students must take six courses during the fifth year, three courses per semester in each of the fall and spring semesters. A total of ten graduate courses should be completed by the end of the spring semester of the student's fifth year.
  • A student accepted into the Five-Year BS/MS program is expected to finish the program without interruption.
  • All graduate courses in this program must be taken at Villanova University.

Application Timeline
Students interested in participating in the BS/MS program should contact the Department of Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Advisor, Dr. Qianhong Wu (qianhong.wu@villanova.edu) as early as possible during their undergraduate studies.

Students formally apply to the BS/MS program in the spring semester of their junior year, no later than the end of March. Application decisions are made on a rolling basis and will be announced no later than the end of May of a student’s junior year assuming timely submission of the application.

Five-Year BS/MS Program Curriculum

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Two approved 3-credit graduate courses.

One approved 3-credit graduate course.

1st Semester
Three approved 3-credit graduate courses. For students choosing to do a thesis, one of the three courses is ME 9031 - Thesis Research I".

2nd SemesterThree approved 3-credit graduate courses. For students choosing to do a thesis, one of the three courses is ME 9032 - Thesis Research II".

Note: Students can take more than three graduate classes. The extra graduate classes cannot be counted towards their graduate degree if they are counted towards their undergraduate degree.

Department Chair

Dr. Sridhar Santhanam


Department Coordinator

Joan McHugh-Feddish