Villanova's Cybersecurity Graduate Certificates cover the major security areas related to our interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, which includes the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers in critical industries.

Updated 10/20/2023


Five courses, including at least three security courses. The security courses can be selected from the core, systems, policy, and/or operations specialization areas, and must include at least one of the core courses.

Core Courses

Systems Specialization

Policy Specialization

Operations Specialization


In addition to the following courses, any of the core and specialization area courses may be used as electives.
ECE 8487 - Advanced Machine Learning
ECE 9030 - Independent Study
ECE 9031 - Research I
ECE 9032 - Research II
ECE 9090 - ECE Project
CSC 8210 - Hlthcare Safety Secur Law&Eth
CSC 8301 - Design and Ana of Algs
CSC 8310 - Programming Languages
CSC 8510 - Theory of Computability
CSC 8453 - Software Testing&Quality Assur
CSC 8490 - Database Systems
CSC 8515 - Machine Learning
CSC 8540 - Software Engineering
CSC 8566 - Internet of Things
CSC 9010 - Special Topics (with approval of the advisor)
MAT 7770 - Number Theory
MAT 8650 - Abstract Algebra
MAT 8790 - Special Topics (Applied Linear Algebra)

Dr. Richard Perry
Associate Professor