Full-time undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.00 have the option of applying for admission into the five-year combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science program. With a BS in Chemical Engineering, the student may pursue either an MS in Chemical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering.

Students will earn a BS degree after four years of study and complete the 30-credit requirement for the MS degree with one additional year of work.


Typical Five-Year Plan

  • Complete 9 credits of graduate study during senior year (no more than 6 credits in any semester).
  • Complete the remaining 21 credits over the 12-month period following senior year.
  • A student may opt for either a thesis track program or a non-thesis track program. In the thesis-track program, the student may perform a (master's thesis) research project in the same research area as their undergraduate (senior) chemical engineering research project, or may initiate a completely different project with the same or a different research advisor. Note that the thesis option may require additional time to complete the degree.
  • All graduate courses in this program must be taken at Villanova University.

Application Timeline

Students interested in the BS/MS program should contact the graduate program advisor for either Chemical (Dr. Vito Punzi) or Biochemical Engineering (Dr. Jacky Huang) as early as possible during their undergraduate studies. Students should apply to the BS/MS program during the fall semester of their senior year.

An individual graduate program course of study will be established with the help of the graduate program advisor, based on the interests and career goals of the student, and the department's anticipated graduate course offerings during the period in which the student will be enrolled in the graduate program.

Department Chair
Chris Kitchens, Ph.D.

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Nancy D'Angeli

Office: 610-519-4950