Student and Professor in a Lab

The Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 Lab for Financial Markets is designed to develop the next generation of business leaders. With access to the latest technology used in finance, real estate, analytics, and management information systems, students and faculty can learn and research in a dynamic environment that marries technology with their field of study—much like the direction of business today.


The 1,500-square-foot Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets was designed to replicate a Wall Street trading desk with capabilities that extent well beyond the finance world, including:

Student at computer
  • A large classroom with 28 workstations and seating capacity for 70, nine 75” LED screens, and fully integrated video conferencing capabilities
  • A smaller lab with 13 additional workstations designed for group projects and research
  • High-power equipment capable of handling complex, data-intensive computations necessary for curricula involving machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Access to research and real-time data through Bloomberg, FactSet, Wharton Research Data Services, TraderEx, SDC Platinum (M&W/New Issues), Morningstar Direct, SNL Financial/IW Financial and other financial databases
  • Access to ArcGIS, a powerful geographic mapping system used extensively in real estate
  • Virtual reality (VR) capabilities for 3D data visualization for advanced analytics

An Immersive Experience

The Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets has become integral to the learning experience at VSB. Our faculty routinely conduct classes in the lab as part of a larger effort to bridge theory to real-world business challenges. With nine 75” LCD displays, a whiteboard with displaying camera, full Zoom capabilities, and Mezzanine collaborative software and hardware system, the Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets enables faculty and students to engage with industry professionals, share multiple streams of content, and create a truly engaging and interactive experience.

Thanks to an endowment established by Justin Gmelich ’90 VSB and his wife Victoria, the Gmelich Lab will continually expand with new curricular and experiential learning opportunities to develop technology-minded business leaders for generations to come. 

Bloomberg Certification for All First Year Students

From the moment VSB first year students step on campus, they will be exposed to the financial world and the Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets. A requirement of their Information Technology course is to obtain certification in Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)—a comprehensive certification that introduces the financial markets, covering the following topics: fixed income, economic indicators, currencies and equities. This practical knowledge is crucial, especially for financial firms looking to hire Villanovans upon graduation.

“As two former bond traders, Victoria and I experienced first-hand the importance of technology in capital markets and the growing need for students to be conversant in coding.”
   – Justin Gmelich ’90 VSB

David Ratigan
Assistant Professor of the Practice,
Finance & Real Estate
The Victoria and Justin Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets

Lab Availability

Currently, the lab is not a walk-in space. VSB students can reserve a terminal to use the lab.  

Lab Workshops

Current Villanova students are encouraged to attend workshops focusing around data, coding and technology.

Wildcat Fund

The Wildcat Fund is a student-run equity fund that provides a unique hands-on learning