More than ever, brands have a responsibility to reflect and understand their diverse customers. That calls for more diverse talent and a commitment to equity and inclusion. The solution requires allyship.

Many actions are involved with being an ally. In part, it’s about using privilege in the interest of advancing others who may lack it. It's also about creating an environment of listening and understanding even when it’s hard to make progress toward greater inclusion.

The Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights welcomes more alumni and employers to join us in allyship for greater equity in marketing. Through a collective effort, we want to create more opportunities that enable students of diverse backgrounds to pursue successful careers in marketing. Our plan involves two key components:

Create a culture of belonging

To start, we want to ensure that diverse students can find and access the experiences and resources they need to become successful marketers.

Attract diverse students to marketing

Soon, we’ll add more programs to highlight employers that embrace diverse talent along with financial assistance that doubles-down on inclusion.

This work is no longer optional. In an increasingly diverse and global society, we need teams rich in backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to better our work and our world.


A Student’s Perspective

Myles Williams

“In the last few years, I struggled to make connections… and find opportunities within companies or industries that are appealing to students of color. I found my own solutions by networking with alumni on LinkedIn … but having access to programs and connections more suitable to my desires would have been extremely beneficial.”

Myles Williams ’21 VSB, marketing major


Our Progress to Date

Listening to students, alumni and faculty helps us learn what students of diverse backgrounds need to become successful marketers. We’re making progress, but we’re far from done.

  • Created a new “Diversity & Inclusion” space in our weekly newsletter to marketing students highlights programs and internships for diverse talent.
  • Hosted programs and industry events with marketers from diverse backgrounds sharing their stories.
  • Increased outreach to campus groups that support students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Building a virtual library of employers and industry experiences—nearly 30 and counting—to help students find the places that celebrate diverse talent and inclusion in marketing.

Jeremy Kees
Faculty Director

Ivy Wang


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