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A Live, 12-Webinar Series to Improve Basic Church Management Literacy

The Center for Church Management offers a Certificate Program in a webinar series. Twelve live, online seminars provide a high-level overview of church management elements for busy pastors, priests, business managers and other church administrators. Listen and view presentations from experts on topics ranging from website design and legal issues to parish security and pastoral planning.

The webinar series is designed to help church leaders of all denominations deal with common temporal problems. Webinar participants will learn how to use resources as effectively as possible to meet their ministry goals. Most webinar topics can be further explored through additional webinars available through Villanova’s resources.

To earn a Certificate in Church Management from the Villanova Center for Church Management, attendees must attend all 12 webinars and complete a 3-5 page paper for each webinar session, applying the webinar material to their church management situation. Each paper must be submitted within two weeks of the conclusion of the webinar session.

The September 2022 class is sold out, with over 100 participants!
The next class will open in September 2023.

Important Notices for Distance Education Students

The following includes important information for students participating in online courses, online programs and/or on-ground clinicals or practicums while physically located outside of Pennsylvania.

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“I learned so much! It was, without question, the most worthwhile and rewarding Continuing Ed program I have participated in. So many salient points were not only elucidated, but made memorable.” 
-Lynn W., Briarcliff, NY