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Through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment’s National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges for Pastoral Leaders, the Villanova Center for Church Management can provide a wide range of multi-media resources for clergy, church leaders and managers.

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Publications by the Villanova Center for Church Management Faculty and Staff

Human Resources Best Practices in Church Management by

Carol Fowler

Addressing Human Resources in the church environment, this book explores the infrastructure of human resources, spanning the legal, informational and procedural dimensions of the filed. Basic information, terminology, and direction for new or experienced pastors or church leaders, as well as recommended tools and best practices help managers deal with the human resources issues that face every faith-based organization.

Human Resources Best Practices in Church Management by Carol Fowler

Pastoral Leadership: Best Practices in Church Management

Dan R. Ebener

What does it take to lead in a Catholic parish? Veteran teacher, author and parish leader Dan Ebener contends that anyone can lead change in a parish with or without positional authority. In most places, the Church is over-managed and under-led. To turn this around, we need clergy to: 1. Provide more leadership and less management, and 2. Develop the leadership potential of the laity. We need lay people to step up to lead, manage, and lead change.

Pastoral Leadership Best PRactices in Church Management by Dan R. Ebener

Parish Finance Best Practices in Church Management

Michael J. Castrilli and Charles E. Zech

Most Catholic parishes struggle with basic financial issues like budgeting, internal financial controls and financial planning. Canon law places the responsibility for parish finances squarely on the lap of the pastor; but pastors typically are not versed in financial matters -- their gifts reside elsewhere. Lacking training on these important topics, many parishes employ a parish business manager, but their background and competence in addressing these critical issues varies widely. Church leaders at all levels need a single comprehensive source, written in a style that they can understand, to guide them through the steps needed to ensure an effective, as well as an accountable and transparent, financial process.

Parish Finance Best Practices in Church Management

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