The VSB Mentor Program brings VSB students and alumni volunteers together in one-to-one relationships to support the student’s career and professional development goals. All student mentees and alumni mentors opt in and are paired based on the student’s primary field of interest, desired work location and mutual areas of interest.



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Success Stories

For the past 10 years, mentors and mentees have been accomplishing a lot! Learn about how the relationships between them have been successful.

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Advisory Board

Ambassadors for the Mentor Program who help recruit participants, organize events and enhance the VSB Mentor Program.


Alice Ke

Alice Ke ’23 VSB - Marketing and International Business Major Incoming Associate at Oglivy New York

“Having a VSB mentor gives you the assurance of having a champion in your industry for any circumstance. It’s been an absolute pleasure to reflect on the progress both myself and my mentor have made in our careers in the just these past few years, and I look forward to seeing what we both accomplish in the future.” 


Anthony Zampogna ’90 VSB

Anthony Zampogna ’90 VSB - Pfizer Director, Fraud and Program Integrity 

“I have been part of the VSB Mentor Program since its inception. I am currently working with my third mentee. Each experience has been uniquely positive.”


Julie Mathew ’24 VSB

Julie Mathew ’24 VSB - Finance Major, Theology and Consulting Minors

“My mentor, Spencer Miller, has been a great source of guidance, and a great friend! As an attorney with a background in finance, he has been very helpful in guiding me along my journey to law school, explaining each step along the way.”  


Lukas Michaels ’18 CLAS

Lukas Michaels ’18 CLAS - Apple Software Engineering Manager

“As a VSB Mentor Program alum, being able to pay it forward has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had since my undergraduate experience in the Program. The mentality of helping others came directly from my mentor. This is something I hope to embody as I guide my own mentee.”


Jessica Hogan ’23 VSB

Jessica Hogan ’23 VSB - Accounting and Business Analytics Major

“Through the VSB Mentor Program, I have been able to grow my network of Villanova alumni and professionals in industries in which I am interested. My mentor and I bonded over having similar interests and being involved in the same organizations while at Villanova!”


Luke Lee ’22 VSB

Luke Lee ’22 VSB - Accounting and Management Information Systems Major, Finance Minor, KMPG Tax Associate

“The VSB Mentor Program was especially helpful because I knew I would have someone in my corner throughout my time at Villanova. My mentor, Bob, helped me not only with finding jobs and internships but also with overcoming challenges during  those experiences. The VSB Mentor Program was an invaluable part of my Villanova experience, and I am really glad I took part in it.”


Abby O’Hara ’15 VSB

Abby O’Hara ’15 VSB - New Mountain Capital, Vice President

"I joined the Advisory Board as a student when the VSB Mentor Program first launched in 2014. Since then, it has been incredibly rewarding to participate as both a student and an alumna. Mentorship is invaluable for students as they navigate their career choices and equally gratifying for alumni to stay connected to the wonderful Villanova community."





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A mentee is a VSB and business minor student seeking mentorship from a Villanova alumnus who works in the business world. Students select their alumni mentor (using the mentoring platform Chronus) based on their field of interest, desired work location and development areas. They outline goals and engage with mentors on how to achieve success. Students are eligible to join once they have declared their major in January of their sophomore year.  

  1.  Eligible students will be invited to join the VSB Mentor Program via an email invitation in early February. 
  2. Students will opt into the VSB Mentor Program by logging into the Chronus mentoring website and completing their mentee profile by mid-February. 
  3. The Chronus mentoring algorithm will identify the mentee’s top available alumni mentor recommendations.  
  4. Students will review their options and select the mentor they feel is the “best fit”/most suitable match to provide mentorship to them. 


Communication is key to the success of a mentoring relationship. Ultimately, what you put into the relationship is what you will get out. Mentees and mentors are encouraged to connect for a live monthly discussion from the time they are paired through the mentee’s graduation.  

Join the Mentor Program 
Many alumni are inspired to mentor and “pay it forward” to the next generation of Villanova business leaders. A mentor is a Villanova alumnus who has more than three years of business experience and volunteers to share their knowledge with a business student mentee. 
Mentors work with mentees in one-on-one relationships to facilitate career exploration, help with interview preparation, internship and full-time job searches, and share industry insights as well as networking, communication and leadership tips. 

Eligible students (typically sophomores) opt into the VSB Mentor Program in September and February. Using the Chronus software, they will select the mentor they feel is their “best fit” or most suitable match, based on their career interests.

Commitment and communication

Mentees and mentors are encouraged to connect for a live monthly discussion from the time they are paired through the mentee’s graduation. Communication is key to the success of a mentoring relationship.

What is it?

Flash Mentoring is a way for participating junior and senior mentees to leverage the VSB Mentor Program and connect with additional (one or more) alumni mentors for a one-time meeting.



  • Learn about different career paths
  • Gain industry insights
  • Expand your VU network
  • Meet alumni with a shared interest (for example: MBA, law school, working abroad)

How to Participate

Junior and senior mentees and alumni mentors participating in the VSB Mentor Program will be invited to join the Flash Mentoring track during the fall semester. Participation is optional.


Expectations: What should I expect from a Flash Mentoring discussion?

  • Expect to have a mentor who's eager to answer specific questions, so bring them!
  • Expect to gain a real-world perspective on a specific question or subject.
  • Expect advice on breaking into a niche  field or to hear the mentor's path.
  • Expect best practices for networking within a specific industry.


Preparation: Here are some questions a mentee could ask during a Flash Mentoring Session.

  • What is a typical day like in your role?
  • What academic training is important for jobs in this field?
  • What additional skills and abilities would I need to acquire to work in this field?
  • What does career progression look like in this field?
  • What companies or organizations should I target for employment given my interests and experience?



The VSB Mentor Program team works diligently to bring Villanovans together in meaningful mentoring relationships. Together, they are building a great tradition around the value of mentoring.

Michele (Stafiniak) Gianforcaro ’89 VSB

Michele (Stafiniak)
Gianforcaro ’89 VSB

O’Donnell Center Director, Professional Development michele.gianforcaro@villanova.edu

Michele leads the VSB Mentor Program and Advisory Board. As a VSB alumna (BS in Accountancy) with 30+ years of business experience, she understands that mentoring is a “win-win” for students and alumni.

Rebecca Brotschul

Rebecca Brotschul

O’Donnell Center Assistant Director, Professional Development rebecca.brotschul@villanova.edu

Rebecca is passionate about helping students. She supports student mentees during their time in the VSB Mentor Program by developing communication and training initiatives to help them get the most out of their mentoring relationships.

Isabelle Kellezi ’25 CLAS

Isabelle Kellezi
’25 CLAS

VSB Mentor Program Marketing and Communications Intern ikellezi@villanova.edu

Isabelle majors in communication and minors in business and real estate. With a passion for infusing creativity and innovation, she comprehensively promotes the VSB Mentor Program via Success Stories, communications, and social media posts.



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