What is Flash Mentoring?

Flash Mentoring, also known as one-time mentoring, is a way for junior and senior mentees to leverage the mentor program and connect with another alumni mentor. It’s a fantastic opportunity for a student mentee to explore a role, industry, or learn more about working abroad, law school, getting an MBA, or more! Mentors can be a helpful resource to a student mentee by providing expert advice in a specific area of interest. Whether it be by phone, email, video chat, or an in-person meet up, Flash Mentoring is a powerful addition to the Mentor Program.

How do I participate?

  • Once you join the VSB Mentor Program, you are eligible to participate in the Flash Mentoring program during your junior and senior years.


  • Learn about different career paths
  • Gain industry insights
  • Expand VU network
  • Meet alumni with a shared interest
  • Leverage the mentor program alumni mentors

What should I expect from the meeting?

  • Expect to have a mentor who's eager to answer specific questions, so bring them!
  • Expect to gain a real-world perspective on a specific question or subject.
  • Expect direction and advice on breaking into a niche or field or hear the mentor's path.
  • Advice on how and whom to network with for a specific industry.
  • The type of skills, both soft and hard, required to break into and succeed in a specific industry or career. Unlike the regular program, these flash mentoring interactions are meant to be brief connections to give mentees

How to Prepare for a Flash Mentoring Session:

Here are some questions a mentee could ask during a flash mentoring session:

  • What is a typical day like in your role?
  • What additional academic training should I consider for a job in the field?
  • What additional skills and abilities do I need to acquire because of their importance in the job?
  • How long should I expect it to take me to move to the next step given my experience in this field?
  • What companies or organizations should I target to hire me given my background and experience?