Advisory Board members are ambassadors for the Mentor Program and include student mentees, alumni, and alumni mentors who are passionate about mentoring and its impact! Members work together to recruit participants, organize events, and enhance the VSB Mentor Program.

Jennifer Albert '05

Jennifer Albert '05 VSB

"The mentor program is important to me because I remember being an undergrad and not having many resources to bounce ideas, job offers and salary questions, etc. off of. Having someone who knows your career goals and skill set can be valuable in kicking off your career as well as once your career progresses.”

Lisa Canoura ’93

Lisa Canoura '93 VSB

"I am a huge advocate for mentoring. I have been blessed to have mentors invest their time, talent and experience in helping me succeed. They were sounding boards and thought partners who helped me explore opportunities I could never dream of. The VSB Mentor Program provides me the opportunity to give back. As a mentor, I hope to assist individual students in their careers. As a member of the Advisory Board, I hope to further the great work being done for the entire Villanova community."


I look for alternative ways to proceed in any situation. When faced with any given scenario, I quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.


I am an organizer, yet I remain flexible. I like to determine how all the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity

How this shows up:
I am a management consultant with expertise in strategy, operations and customer experience.  I help my clients understand how they can provide greater value to their customers.  To accomplish this, I often decompose and recompose the organizational and operational systems that have been developed to make the organization more productive and to unlock greater value to the customer.  I develop multiple solutions to a business problem to give my clients options – do they prefer the fastest solution at a higher cost, or a more moderate solution at a lower cost?  Providing flexibility is key to my personal brand.

Morgan Falasca '18

Marissa D’Ambrosio ’14 VSB

“Maya Angelou once remarked, ‘As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.’ The Mentor Program is an amazing opportunity for mentors and mentees to extend hands in self-discovery, in both personal and professional contexts. I am so honored to be part of this team and to witness its growth year after year!”

Morgan Falasca '18

Morgan Falasca '18 VSB

“My mentor and this program have helped me set career goals that I have never thought about or considered before. It has been an amazing experience so far and has made my time here at VSB one I will always remember.”

Aminah Fawad ’15 VSB

Aminah Fawad '15 VSB

“My Villanova mentors helped me find success at VSB, in my professional career and beyond. I am honored to serve as a mentor and as a member of the Advisory Board to pay that forward for years to come."

Don Fuss ’90

Don Fuss '90 VSB

“The VSB Mentor program is an opportunity to give back to the Villanova community as well as provide a valuable resource for mentees to help shape their careers. There is true power and value in networking and the sharing of valuable insights and experiences. I consider it a privilege to be part of a program that has a positive impact on Villanova students.”

Kristin Gavin '14

Kristin Gavin '14 VSB

“I have been a member of the Advisory Board since its origination in the fall of 2013, and was the only senior on the board that was comprised of upperclassmen, under the dedicated leadership of Michele Gianforcaro.  I was so excited to hear about the limitless possibilities and potential of the VSB Mentor Program, and have been a witness to its rapid growth and development. I look forward to being a part of the continued success of the VSB Mentor Program, which is built upon a foundation of invaluable relationships that have been created – bridging the classroom and professional worlds.”  

Jessica Gerber ’93

Jessica Gerber '93 VSB

“The passion and strength of the Villanova community makes the VSB Mentor Program a fun and rewarding experience for both students and mentors. As an Advisory Board member, I am proud to be a part of building this program for the future.”


According to the report, people exceptionally talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve the process.  The process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.


According to the report, people exceptionally talented in the Arranger theme can organize, but they also have a flexibility that complements that ability. They like to determine how all the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.

How these shows up:
I find both these strengths come into play in my career as a management consultant. Consulting provides a variety of clients and new challenges that helps satisfy my need for a continual learning environment. In addition, my ability to identify maximum productivity through both organization and flexibility ensures I can translate that learning into meaningful solutions for my clients and team members.  

Michele Gianforcaro ’09

Michele Gianforcaro '89 VSB

“I lead the VSB Mentor Program. I enjoy meeting and learning about people – their interests and experiences, who they are and what they’d like to achieve. This is helpful because students and alumni are unique, and I enjoy bringing them together in productive mentoring relationships. I also lead the Mentor Program Advisory Board, which is made up of students and alumni. I’m keen to bring Strengths into the Mentor Program so Villanova students and alumni can leverage their natural talents.”


I’m intrigued by the unique qualities of each person and build productive teams where individuals do what they do best.


From my report: “Strengths fascinate you. You want to capitalize on the gifts with which you are blessed. You polish the pearl until it shines.”

How these show up:

1.     I lead the VSB Mentor Program. I enjoy meeting and learning about people – their interests and experiences, who they are and what they’d like to achieve. This is helpful because students and alumni are unique, and I enjoy bringing them together in productive mentoring relationships. (Individualization)

2.     I also lead the Mentor Program Advisory Board, which is made up of students and alumni. Advisory Board members opt in and choose the initiatives they are interested in working on. (Individualization)

3.     I’m keen to bring Strengths into the Mentor Program so Villanova students and alumni can leverage their natural talents. (Maximizer and Individualization)

Nicolle Hughes ‘20

Patrick Haley ’21 VSB

“The VSB Mentor Program and my mentor have given me numerous opportunities to grow as a professional and develop skills that I will need in the workforce. My mentor is not only a resource for me, but also a friend. I joined the Advisory Board to help advance this program so that all students can have a valuable experience."

Lauren Hogan ‘13

Lauren Hogan '13 VSB

“I decided to get involved with the VSB Mentor Program because it’s something I could have benefited from as an undergrad. Adapting to life after college can be challenging at first, and having someone in your chosen field who you can bounce ideas off of is a huge asset. I look forward to being more involved in the program as a member of the Advisory Board and helping mentees get the most out of their VSB experience.”

Christine Kraft '92

Christine Kraft '92 VSB

“As a mentor in the pilot VSB Mentor Program, I found the experience to be both personally and professionally rewarding.  It afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with and give back to the University and share my experiences with young students, particularly as they were beginning to formulate ideas about their own career paths.  I am excited to now serve on the Advisory Board to help further evolve and shape the Program.”

Spencer Miller '18

Abby O’Hara ’15 VSB

"I joined the Advisory Board as a student when the VSB Mentor Program first launched in 2014. Since then, it has been incredibly rewarding to participate as both a student and an alumna. Mentorship is invaluable for students as they navigate their future career choices and equally gratifying for alumni to stay connected to the wonderful Villanova community."

Spencer Miller '18

Spencer Miller '18 VSB

“Mentoring is a huge asset to both students and professionals in the business world; these two-way relationships help to build networks and expand opportunities.  I joined the Advisory Board so that I could promote the benefits of mentoring to other Villanovans and help them to succeed professionally."  

Robert Olsen ’86

Robert Olsen '86 VSB

"We have all gotten to where we are because someone believed in us and helped us.  The VSB Mentor Program is a special opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others in the Villanova Community. It’s a chance to teach, guide and inspire others. It is in the service of others we also learn and grow ourselves. This is an exciting opportunity for both mentor and mentee."


People who are Futuristic peer over the horizon and can see in detail what the future could be and paint that positive vision. They inspire and energize others with their vision of the future.


People who are talented in the Focus theme can take a direction, follow through, and make the corrections necessary to stay on track. They prioritize, then act. Their goals serve as a compass.

How these shows up:
These themes, while at first might seem at odds, are highly complementary strengths. Across my career, I have often been responsible for strategy, innovation and new thinking. I tend to look for ways to think big, make things better and energize others. Yet very little would have come of this if I hadn’t also been able set the direction and put myself and others on the actionable path to achieve that future state. I’ve been a lifelong goal setter; believing that written goals and plans are a critical element of both personal and profession success.  For me these strengths suggest the old proverb- “Vision without action is a daydream; Action without vision is a nightmare”.  

Amanda Polman ’21

Amanda Polman '21 VSB

“Coming from a small high school, I have always valued a sense of community and support. At Villanova, I was so grateful to learn about the VSB Mentor Program because it truly encompasses the importance of forming relationships with peers and alumni that care about your success. This Program has helped me create a strong professional foundation as I have worked with my mentor to prepare for interviews, networking events, and internships.”

Jerry Quinn ’87

Jerry Quinn '87 VSB

“Villanovans helping Villanovans. It is what we do.”

Ellie Raymond ’22

Ellie Raymond '22 VSB

“Villanova’s mentorship program is a unique and rewarding opportunity for students to connect with professionals as they navigate potential career choices during their college years. Developing relationships has always been of great importance to me and has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I strongly believe that each individual will benefit from the guidance and support that a mentor has to offer. It is with great pleasure that I serve on the Advisory Board, assisting in the development of this invaluable program.”

David Ridenour ’79

David Ridenour '79 VSB

“As the credo for Villanova is "Truth, Unity, and Love", so to is the theme for mentoring. It sums up the ability of an experienced alumnus to provide validated information and guidance in a respectful manner to help others achieve their goals and dreams.”

Brian Ross '06

Brian Ross '06 VSB

"The VSB Mentoring program has given me a chance to connect with a talented and highly motivated student to discuss school, internships, and the beginning of my mentee's career."

Veronica Santos '09

Veronica Santos '09 VSB

“Villanova has provided so many wonderful opportunities that have shaped me into who I am proud to be today.  It was important for me to stay connected to my alma mater and to give back in some way.  The VSB Mentor program keeps me motivated and inspired, just by knowing that I have a mentee who wants to follow in my footsteps.  As a member of the Advisory Board, I am excited to have the opportunity to further enhance the VSB Mentor Program.”

Vidhi Shah '15

Vidhi Shah '15 VSB

"I joined the VSB Mentor Program board the first year it started in pilot mode. It's been rewarding to see it grow every year and see the relationships we have been fortunate enough to help foster. My mentors throughout my life, whether it was while at Villanova or after I joined the corporate world, have been an inspiration and a guiding hand for all my questions and dilemmas. To be part of a program that encourages and forms these relationships has been a wonderful experience.”

Carl Schwind '87

Carl Schwind '87 VSB

“‘Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.’ -Leon Brown. When I was a student, the advice of a mentor shaped my entire career and life.  I enjoy the opportunity to make that kind of difference for the students of today.”

Brett Snyder ’09

Brett Snyder '09 VSB

“‘The greatest value of my post-graduation Villanova experience has been the networking and professional growth opportunities. The earlier we can provide students the avenues to build these relationships, the better. The students aren’t the only ones who benefit. As a mentor, I've gained tremendous insight from the perspective of a rising student, which has allowed me to improve the way my business recruits and develops entry-level roles.”

Vincent Tricarico '91

Vincent Tricarico '91 VSB

“I chose to get involved in the Mentor Program because I realize now how little I knew about the transition into professional life when I was a student.  The Mentor Program is a great opportunity for me to share my experiences and hopefully provide VSB students a resource and perspective I never had.”

Vincent Tricarico '91

Graham Young ’23 VSB

“The mentorship program that Villanova has to offer is one of the main reasons why I chose Villanova over any other school. The fact that alumni care enough about current students that they are so willing to help out in any way they can shows a lot about the pride we all share as Villanovans. This message of ‘Villanovans helping Villanovans’ is at the root of the mentorship program and it is an honor to be a part of the advisory board to help this program reach new heights.”

Questions about the Advisory Board?
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Michele Gianforcaro
Associate Director of Professional Development – Mentor Program


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