Experiential Learning Curriculum

Villanova’s Summer Business Academy will introduce students to the business landscape through a robust and interactive six credits of coursework. Students will gain an understanding of the dynamic nature of business, as well as opportunities for professional development. The program will culminate in a capstone business-case competition. SBA students will benefit from innovative virtual instruction, applied and experiential learning components, and professional development activities and events.

While SBA is a new program, its courses are based upon the proven methodology and structure of VSB and SBI classes, ensuring the same successful and holistic learning students expect from a Villanova education.

SBA is an online, cohort-based, six-credit academic program, taught by VSB faculty and delivered over four weeks, during Summer Session I.  


4 credits

This course is an expanded version of VSB’s three-credit Business Dynamics course, which is a core requirement for all VSB and Academic Year Business Minor students. With an extra focus on interactive and applied learning, this course will include instruction that will cover a broad introduction to business disciplines, along with an introduction to both the Gmelich Lab for Financial Markets and the LAIR, and their respective resources and workshops; the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) training certificate; a capstone business-case presentation; and experiential learning via a corporate partnership and professional development activities and events.



1 credit

This course includes class instruction and applied learning assignments to familiarize students with the uses and nuances of this essential program. It is similar to VSB’s Information Technology course, a core requirement for all VSB and Academic Year Business Minor students.


1 credit

This course includes classroom instruction on professional development topics such as personal branding, resume review, interviewing and networking skills. In addition to class instruction, this class provides experiential and applied learning components through events, networking etiquette guidance, and employer connections. This course is similar to SBI’s Professional Success course, which is required for all SBI students.


Trish Burdo
Director, Business Minor Programs

Jarryd Kainz
Assistant Director, Business Minor Programs

The Clay Center at VSB - Bartley Hall 1054
Villanova School of Business | Villanova, PA  19085