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The MBA Fellows program is a competitive graduate assistantship program that allows students to pursue their Professional MBA degree on a full-time basis, free of tuition charges, while obtaining paid academic research experience. Many of our past Fellows have been published and/or have pursued their PhD due to their participation in the Villanova Fellowship Program.

Our Fellows are either on-campus or hybrid Professional MBA students selected to assist Villanova School of Business faculty with their research activities during the fall and/or spring semesters. The Fellows work under the supervision of the faculty member(s) to whom they are assigned for 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters.


Be a current Professional MBA student (on-campus or hybrid) or have been accepted into the program for the semester they wish to begin their Fellowship.

Commit to the program for two semesters (fall/spring or spring/fall); may maintain up to four semesters (excluding the summer semester) of eligibility depending upon performance.

Maintain a minimum of nine credits per semester (excluding the summer semester) toward their MBA degree requirements.

May not be engaged in additional employment or internship while participating in the program (excluding the summer semester).

Due to the on-campus commitments that are inherent to a Fellowship, Professional MBA applicants pursuing coursework via the fully online modality are not eligible to apply. Any questions can be directed to gradbusinessinfo@villanova.edu.

Tuition Remission and Stipend

During the fall and spring, Fellows receive full remission of tuition and fees for a minimum of 9 credits and up to 12 credits per semester (please see below for information regarding summer). In addition, they are required to conduct 20 hours of research per week in return for a monthly stipend, with payment spanning the academic year (September - May). Please note, stipend rates are subject to change annually.

Summer Fellowship Program

During the summer semester, Fellowship positions may be available, but participation is not required. In addition, the Summer Fellowship Program does not count against the potential four semesters of Fellowship eligibility, but it does not involve a stipend. Summer Fellows have the following options:

  • Assist professors 9 hours per week in exchange for up to 3 credits tuition remission or
  • 18 hours per week for up to 6 credits tuition remission.

Application & Deadlines

Fall 2024 MBA fellowships are currently filled.

Fellowship applications are brought before the faculty board for the fall and spring semesters. New Fellows are not accepted during the summer semester. Fellowship applicants currently in the Professional MBA program (on-campus or hybrid students) must have at least 18 credits left to complete the program to be eligible.

Questions on how to apply and when the 2025 application will be available can be directed to gradbusinessinfo@villanova.edu .


Fall Fellowship: May 31
Spring Fellowship: October 31

If you have letters of recommendation in addition to your main program application, they may be sent separately via email - gradbusinessinfo@villanova.edu or mail:

Villanova School of Business
ATTN: MBA Fellows Program
Bartley Hall - Suite 1064
800 East Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085


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