Our philosophy around leadership begins with you. We teach you to bring your whole self to work. We start with your strengths and feedback on how others perceive you. Based on these inputs, you work with an experienced Executive Coach to develop a personal business plan to map out a journey of personal growth that begins in the EMBA program.

We focus on personal growth and development over performance, with support from your peers. Through a highly developed feedback model that’s tied to your personal goals, your peers will challenge you and help you advance. This dynamic coupled with individual executive coaching allows you to engage in your personal development regularly and apply it to team leadership.  

By emphasizing strengths, self-awareness, and feedback, we create a culture of continual learning and risk-taking and a desire for life-long learning found in most good leaders.



Growth and change.

Villanova's personalized coaching program will help you think differently about your career, your goals, your life.



Ashley Bracey, graduate of Villanova's EMBA program.
I value what [my coach] helped me discover and the awareness that she helped me cultivate. There is an authenticity that naturally arises when you are more aware of what your purpose is. I now really understand what motivates and guides the things I do on a personal and professional level. And that has made me a much better leader.
Ashley Bracey, '18 EMBA

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