V’s Up in New York: A Conversation with Brian McCann, New York Metro Area, MSF, 2021

Brian McCann ’21 MSF

The Villanova MBA Alumni Association is pleased to include our Masters of Science in Finance (MSF) graduates to our Alumni Association. In welcome, we reached out to Brian McCann, a 2021 graduate of the MSF program and a New York resident.

Can you tell us about your background and why you chose Villanova?

I grew up in Long Island, Plainview. And I went to Drexel for my undergrad, a 5-year program in Accounting and Finance. After graduating, I began researching MSF programs since I knew I wanted to further my education. I heard about Villanova’s program through friends & family. What really helped me career-wise was a Portfolio Theory course, it gave me a better idea of where I wanted to be. The reason for choosing Villanova was the strong connection within my cohort. Other schools, even Drexel where I spent my undergraduate years, there wasn’t that feeling of being in a tight-knit community. I got that feeling right away at Villanova.

Where are you working now? Did that draw you back to New York?

I’m with Mizuho Bank. They’ve got offices on the east and west coast. They’re primarily an investment bank and one of Japan’s largest banks. Because of my degree from Villanova, I was able to get a great position with Mizuho, doing what I love. And yes, that’s what brought me back to New York.

I know that you ran a networking event for alumni last fall. Can you describe the event?

It was a virtual event, over Zoom. It included both MSF and MBA grads. It was a rotational event where we each explained our roles in our respective companies. Everyone had a chance to network and get specific information for those interested in applying for jobs. We have a good number of MSF and MBA grads in the New York area, 50+ that I’m aware of, all in analytical and financial fields. So it made sense to me to have an event like this, and hopefully more in the future!