Fall 2019 - MBA Alumni around the Country: V's up from Texas

Tyler Pearson

Interviewed by Katie D'Orazio '15 MBA 

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Tyler Pearson, a 2018 graduate from Villanova's Online MBA program. He calls the Online MBA "a blessing for someone who was working in Texas"!  His roots are in Northeastern Pennsylvania, so he's always been aware of Villanova's outstanding reputation as one of the top universities in the country. So for Tyler, "...choosing to go to Villanova was an easy choice to make if the logistics could be worked out. And with the online program, that choice became easy as well!" 

KatieTyler, can you briefly sum up your experiences with Villanova's Online MBA program?

Tyler: In the Online MBA Program, the faculty did a great job of structuring the curriculum for the variety of different students in our cohort -- all of us with different backgrounds and experiences -- and really bringing us together, even though we're scattered all around the world!

I really appreciated having the opportunity to come to campus and meet our cohort in person. One of the first courses that we engaged in was the Leadership Challenge weekend. We stayed at a hotel nearby. The weekend allowed our cohort the opportunity to come to Villanova to formally meet each other, get introduced to the campus, and to take part in an ethics course. We also had a chance to team up on a project where we were assigned different case studies. Each team presented their results on the case studies and a winning group was selected. This was a valuable experience since it allowed us to put "faces to the names", as well as to socialize with our fellow online students, and explore Villanova more in depth.

I am truly thankful that I made the decision to pursue my MBA through the Online MBA Program at Villanova. The people, education and experience were worth every minute and the value will last a lifetime!