VSB Grad Alumni Association - New Name and Logo!

As graduate business education continues to expand as a multidisciplinary endeavor to prepare Villanova School of Business graduates for success in a world where opportunities and challenges come in many forms, we are focused on ensuring that graduate alumni offerings adapt and expand, equally to meet the needs of our alumni community and stakeholders.

With this context in mind, it’s an appropriate time to both expand and integrate previously segmented Graduate Business Alumni efforts and activities into a singular unifying community with offerings, benefits, and networking open to all. Graduate Business Alumni, including MBA and specialized master program alumni will be merged into a singular group called the VSB Grad Alumni Association.

Key benefits of this new structure include:

  • Significant expansion of the graduate business alumni network
  • Expanded cross disciplinary lifelong learning programming
  • More efficient use of School of Business and volunteer resources
  • Inclusive and easy to understand branding across all academic disciplines

A tangible representation of this expansion includes the open invitation for all Graduate School of Business alumni to consider attendance to many in person and virtual offerings, or to get involved as a volunteer.  Also, all alumni will be included in email communications regarding upcoming events and offerings, as well as an invitation to join the newly named LinkedIn Group, VSB Grad Alumni Association.

Go Cats!