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Each year, 10% of incoming Villanova School of Business students are selected to the University’s Honors Program.

Ten Honors classes plus VSB 2121 (1 credit) are required to earn a Business Honors Degree, and at least four of the 10 must be in Business.

VSB Honors students also have the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff, corporate partners and alumni through a range of personal and professional development offerings. The goal is to provide Honors students with opportunities and challenging intellectual engagement across three areas in each year of their four years in VSB.

  • VSB 1015 Business Dynamics including “Big Ideas In Business Lecture Series"
    (required for incoming VSB Honors freshmen)
  • VSB 2121 Business Scholars Seminar (1 credit)*
  • At least one of the following four required VSB courses must be Honors:
    • VSB 2004 Financial Accounting
    • VSB 2007 Corporate Responsibility & Regulation
    • VSB 2008 Business Analytics
    • VSB 2009 Principles of Finance
  • VSB 3900 Innovation and Design Honors (preferably junior year)
  • VSB 4002 Strategic Thinking and Implementation (required, senior year)

* Upon successful completion of the Business Scholars Seminar, students may have an opportunity to serve as a research assistant with a VSB professor for up to three years.

  • Immersion experiences focused on Global (NYC) and Social Impact (DC)
  • Special professional development activities and events, including etiquette dinners and networking receptions with corporate partners

In addition to completing all course requirements, students must achieve a minimum 3.33 cumulative GPA to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration, Honors degree.

Current students should consult our SharePoint site for up-to-date, complete information on curricular requirements for the Honors degree and minor. 

Intellectual Engagement

Academic opportunities for Honors VSB students include:

  • Opportunity to serve as research assistants to VSB faculty
  • Other faculty/academic engagement, including conference participation
  • Reception with Deans and corporate partners
  • Invitations to Fireside Chats with VSB Advisory Council members and other distinguished alumni and guests
  • Professional connection with Centers of Excellence Advisory Council members

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