Act 48 Reporting

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Pennsylvania state law mandates that persons holding Pennsylvania professional educator certification must complete continuing education requirements every 5 years in order to maintain active status.

These requirements amount to: 6 collegiate credits or 6 PDE-approved in-service credits or 180 continuing education hours or any combination of these (counting a collegiate credit as 30 hours of continuing education).

Get full Act 48 information:

* act48.pdf
Download the Request for Act 48 Teacher Certification Credit Reporting for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Grade Deadlines
all deadlines are 12:00 noon

March 11   Mid-Term
                   - UG Fall
                        courses only
                    - Fast Forward I
                    - Online HRD,
March 13   Final             
                    - Online Business I
March 19   Final
                  - Grad Business A

* Fall 2014 Enrollment Statistics Final .pdf
Enrollment Statistics: Fall Semesters 2011 - 2014