Transcript Requests

The official transcript is Villanova University's official statement of your academic record. It lists all courses completed and all grades earned, along with the semester in which each was received. The official transcript also contains notations of majors, minors, degrees and graduation honors received, where applicable.

For your protection, we will not release an official transcript without your permission (via secure, authenticated login and/or signature).

There are three Villanova University offices which distribute transcripts, dependent upon your student status.  Student records are housed in the respective offices listed below.  If your attendance includes records from more than one office listed, a separate request must be made to each office.  

Please select one of the following options to request transcripts:


Grade Deadlines (summer courses)
all deadlines are 12:00 noon

August 6    Session II & II
                    SBI - Module III
                    Nurse Anesthetist

August 15  Graduate Business
                    MAC, MSCM,
August 22  Graduate Business
                    Full Summer
                    (MBA, MSF)
                    Session B
August 27   UA
                    Session II
                    MPA, HRD, 


* Fall 2013 Enrollment Statistics Final.pdf
Enrollment Statistics: Fall Semesters 2010 - 2013
* Spring 2014 Enrollment Statistics Final.pdf
Enrollment Statistics: Spring Semesters 2011 - 2014