Obtaining Your Grades

Obtaining Your Grades

  • View your grades (midterm and final)
       Log into myNOVA
       Click on the Just for You tab
       Current midterm and final grades will display
       To view grades from a prior term, select the term and click GO.
  • View your Transcript (final grades, all terms)
    Log into myNOVA
       Click on the Student tab
       Click on Academic Transcript
  • Order a Transcript  (final grades, all terms)
  • Policies & Procedures - Find specifics on grading policies.

Calculate My GPA

These tools are provided for your convenience and may not reflect your official GPA in myNova.

Semester GPA Calculator

Enter the course number, amount of credits and the letter grade you are expecting in the corresponding fields. The computer will calculate the grade points, total credits and total GPA. To change what you entered click "reset".

Overall GPA Calculator

You must first calculate your semester GPA (see above). Enter the amount of credits for that semester and your semester GPA. The computer will calculate your total credit hours and your cumulative GPA in the last row. To change what you entered click "reset".