Villanova Social Media Account Registration

Villanova University recognizes the need for a strong presence in the social media realm. The University encourages colleges, departments, programs, groups, and entities to join the social media age and create social media accounts to build enriching relationships. 

Through its social media initiative, the University strives to create and increase collaboration among Villanova's many units with the ultimate goal of growing the online community of each individual unit and the online presence of the University as a whole.

Please complete a separate registration form for each social media account that you currently administer or that you seek to administer if it is a new account that has not yet been launched. Once your registration form is submitted electronically, please allow up to 10 business days for review and a written response. Questions about this form may be directed to

Name and email address of each Villanova faculty or staff member who will administer the account:

Social Media Account

What type of social media account are you applying for? If you have an existing account, please provide the account URL.
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I have read the Villanova Social Media Policy Overview and the Social Media Handbook, and I understand the terms and conditions applicable to the social media account—Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn or a blog—that I am applying to administer, and I accept the obligations placed upon me by these documents. I further understand that failure to comply with the terms outlines in these documents may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or student status.