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Villanova offers a variety of styles of guestrooms and amenities including air-conditioned guest apartments and air-conditioned traditional residence halls with several room configurations.

Each style of housing is priced accordingly, yet there is great value regardless of which you choose. Speak with one of the staff in the Office of Conference Services to determine the best housing arrangement for your group and budget.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, Villanova University will not host any day or overnight groups in the external, VU departmentally-sponsored external and VU departmental group categories in Summer 2021. The University will also not host any overnight VU coach camps. A decision about day VU coach camps is expected soon. [3/18/21]


A note about heating and cooling during the summer months:

All apartments and residence hall rooms have air-conditioning units that can be individually controlled by summer guests.

All apartments and most residence halls employ a seasonal heating/cooling system, set to heat from October through April and to air-conditioning from April through October. Heat is therefore not available in those locations during the summer months (but guests can turn off the air-conditioning).

A small number of residence halls (McGuire, Caughlin, Katharine, St. Monica and Fedigan) are not tied into the seasonal heating/cooling system. In those buildings, guests can set the individual units in their room to either heat or air-conditioning, depending on their preference.