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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based application for audience participation that allows faculty to gather feedback from students in any instructional setting (i.e., in-person, hybrid, or online) by embedding polls, questions, and competitions into presentations. Poll Everywhere is an easy-to-use online tool to create custom polls and surveys, which can be answered by students via text messages or web, allowing faculty to facilitate student engagement and participation while gathering feedback and other data.

Types of Polls:

Poll Everywhere has several different types of poll available for use:

  • Multiple-choice polls allow students to choose an answer from a list of response options (e.g., True/False, A, B, or C). You can also upload images to serve as response options.
  • Word cloud displays audience responses as a dynamic word cloud. 
  • Q&A allows students to submit responses; students can anonymously agree or disagree with other responses by upvoting or downvoting.
  • Clickable image polls allow students to click on an image to vote (e.g., click on the state where you attended college). 
  • Survey provides for asynchronous responses to Poll Everywhere questions.
  • Open-ended polls allow student to submit free text responses to the polls. Open-ended poll responses can be displayed as text wall, word cloud, cluster, or spotlight. Faculty may choose to use Moderation to manage which responses are shown publicly.
  • Competition allows the instructor to create a series of questions, then let participants compete to answer fastest.



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