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Hybrid Courses Explained

By definition a course is labeled “hybrid” when it has elements of in-person and online instruction. Some institutions/organizations may further define the minimum percentage of time required in each modality to further differentiate “hybrid” from other similar terms used in the industry.

At Villanova, we are not specifying that a “hybrid” course have a specific number of hours, days, class periods that must be spent online or in-person; however, it must have some mixture of the two. This allows a faculty member to select a modality mix that is most appropriate for their class, its learning objectives and their schedule.

Given this, there are a variety of ways in which a faculty member can innovatively choose to design and teach a hybrid class. The guide below presents some considerations for planning. 

A hybrid class format offers a lot of flexibility to faculty members. The mix of in-person and online components can be quite varied and allows for adaptation based on the learning objectives, faculty preference and any capacity and technology constraints that may be present. The guide is designed to provide some items to consider when planning - however - it is not exhaustive of all of the hybrid types of courses that can be crafted. Other variations may exist. When considering the above or other innovative designs, it is critical to keep in mind that: 1) hybrid classes must still meet the same credit hour requirements as traditional classes; 2) students expect a certain level of in-person interaction from a hybrid class – they chose this modality over participating in an online class. If faculty opt to replace some in-person class meetings with asynchronous activities, they should consider adding additional virtual office hours; and 3) classroom and other zoom meeting times cannot vary from those assigned on the master schedule or conflicts may arise. Faculty should be cognizant of students’ other academic, personal and professional obligations. 

Additional information on hybrid teaching 


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