Transfer Credits from another Institution

Once a student has matriculated in a degree program at Villanova University, credit for courses from other universities may only be transferred to Villanova under certain circumstances.

1. Four-year Institutions.  Normally once a student has been matriculated at Villanova, no credits may be transferred from two-year institutions of higher education.   However, new transfer students either from other four year institutions or from two year institutions may seek to transfer credits from two year institutions.  

2. International Studies.  Courses taken in colleges and universities in other countries will be transferred for credit, assuming that they are approved by Villanova’s International Studies Office and the Dean of the student’s college or his/her designee.

3. Summer courses.

  • No summer course may be taken at another institution, domestic or foreign, for transfer of credit back to Villanova without pre-approval by the Dean of the student's college or his/her designee.
  • Villanova normally does not approve transfer of credits for courses taken during the summer at other colleges and universities if the same or comparable (for purposes of filling requirements) courses are available at Villanova in a distance education mode during the summer.

4. Leave of Absence. Normally, Villanova will not pre-approve courses, or transfer credits back to Villanova, for students who will be on a University leave of absence when they enroll in such courses.  

5. Withdrawals and dismissals. Students who have withdrawn from the University or who are dismissed from the University for academic reasons frequently continue their academic work at other colleges and universities.  Villanova does not pre-approve courses to be taken at another University after a student has been dismissed or has withdrawn.   If these students apply for readmission to the University, courses taken at other colleges and universities will be evaluated for transfer credit by the Dean of the college to which the student is seeking readmission.   Acceptance of any such credits is at the sole discretion of the Dean.

6. Suspension. Normally, Villanova will not pre-approve courses, or transfer credits back to Villanova, for students who have been suspended for violations of the Student Code of Conduct when they enroll in such courses.

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