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Syllabi Archive

Art and Sciences, Nursing, Engineering and Business maintain a syllabi archive.  Students may access this system to view (in read-only mode) syllabi for courses that are currently being offered or for certain courses that have been offered in the past.

While reviewing syllabi for past courses can often be useful to students in exploring choices for future courses, it is important to note that course structure and content can change significantly from semester to semester and from instructor to instructor. A syllabus for a course offered previously might not accurately reflect course content and expectations for a course offered in the future, even though those courses could share a course number, title and instructor. In addition, students should understand that a syllabus is an instructor’s summary plan for a course, but the instructor will retain flexibility to modify that plan as appropriate.

Students with questions about courses for which they are considering registering should consult with the applicable academic department and/or talk with the instructor of the course.

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