Leave of Absence

Full-time undergraduate students who plan to leave the University on a temporary basis should request a Leave of Absence. Official leave of absence from the University must be authorized by the Dean of the appropriate college.

In order to affect a leave of absence, a student must submit to the Dean a formal letter, or the appropriate college form, and should then have an interview with the Dean. The request for a leave of absence may be countersigned by the student's parents or legal guardian. The parents or guardians may, if they wish and if authorized by the student, submit the official request for a leave of absence. In consultation with the student, the parents, and other campus offices as applicable, the Dean will determine what issues should be addressed during the period of the leave.

Leave of absence should normally be for no more than a year.  When the student feels that he or she is ready to return to the University, the student should request an interview (which may be by telephone) with the college Dean. To guarantee the student's success, the Dean will determine whether the issues that occasioned the request for leave have been addressed. Assuming that the issues have been resolved, the student will then be returned to active status. If the student does not return to the University within the time originally requested (normally no longer than a year), the student will be considered as having withdrawn from the University.

Students seeking a Medical Leave of Absence must use the policy found on the MLOA webpage.

Approved by Provost, September 12, 2016

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