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Transferring Survey Projects



  • You may transfer surveys from one Qualtrics account to another. This can be helpful if you are preparing to leave Villanova, switching to a new job at Villanova, or you have a Qualtrics account from another institution or a private account.
Transfer a survey from one Villanova account to another Villanova account
  • If you would like to transfer one or more surveys from your Villanova Qualtrics account along with any collected results to another Villanova account, please reach out to
  • Specify which survey name(s) you'd like to transfer or indicate you want all surveys transferred. Include the full name of the person you want to transfer the surveys to. That person will need to have a Qualtrics account before the surveys can be transferred. If any survey sharing was in place, it is retained after the survey ownership is transferred.
  • If you are not the survey owner and need surveys transferred from another person's account, the survey owner will need to submit the request; if that account holder is no longer at Villanova, the department chair or director needs to make or confirm the request.
  • If only the survey questions need to be transferred, you can share the survey project with the other person and the recipient can create a copy of the shared survey. You can choose to copy one of your surveys into another Villanova Qualtrics account. You can also choose to export a survey and its data and provide it to the new owner to import. See the steps in Transfer surveys manually below.
Transfer an external account to Villanova
  • If you are new to Villanova and would like to transfer your Qualtrics account to the Villanova brand, reach out to us at to initiate the request. Please provide the URL of your previous Qualtrics site, its institution's name, and your username or email address that you used on this external Qualtrics site. The Qualtrics Brand Administrator at the other institution will be contacted by the Qualtrics vendor to approve the account transfer request.
  • This account migration will transfer any surveys that you own in the external account along with any survey results and Qualtrics library files and will delete your account at the other institution. Allow four weeks for the account to be transferred.
Transfer surveys manually
  • You can export surveys, survey results, and reports yourself to create a backup of your research. You can export a survey as a .qsf file and provide it to another person who can import it into their own Qualtrics account as a way of manually transferring a survey. If your exported survey has images, email triggers, or custom messages, those will have to be provided to the other person and recreated or uploaded in the recipient's account with follow-up survey editing. To transfer the survey results manually to another account, export the data as a .csv file for the other person to import.
  • Follow the steps in the Qualtrics resources below:
  • If you need assistance, reach out to