How do I access Individual Faculty Reports on NOVASIS?

Steps to access Individual Faculty Reports on NOVASIS can be found here.

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How do I request OPIR's help on surveys, focus groups, data analysis, etc.?

OPIR offers extensive technical assistance, and in certain cases performs special studies. 
To request OPIR assistance, please fill out the Project Request Form.

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What will it cost to use OPIR for surveys or focus groups?

Please note that OPIR charges for reimbursement of all OPIR out-of-pocket expenses, that is direct costs of materials, postage and special services such as data entry and consultant services. OPIR staff and manager's time on any project is not charged back to the requestor. For requests that are not University-wide projects (i.e., projects requested by colleges and departments), OPIR typically provides cost-free project oversight/review but is reimbursed for consultants who perform the work for the project which may include such tasks as instrument construction, data collection and analysis and report writing.

OPIR has established an electronic library of all of the reports and summary statistics. As reports are completed they will be added to the library to facilitate access and use. The report library is organized with two major directories. Please go to the following website and login with your VU username and password when prompted.

  • Systematic Survey Reports - to access University-Wide Reports about key constituent groups such as seniors, parents, alums, etc. summarized for the University.
  • Commissioned Reports - to access reports prepared for specific Colleges, Academic Departments, or Administrative Offices/Departments.

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For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Nazar, Director, Survey Research and Evaluation.

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