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Qualtrics Groups at Villanova



  • As an alternative to a shared account, you can request a Qualtrics Group for your Villanova department or research team by reaching out to
  • Shared email accounts, such as, will not be able to login to Qualtrics.


How do Groups work?

  • Each survey belongs to an individual within the Group. The survey owner can share the survey with the Group and then all Group members would have the same access privileges that the survey owner deemed appropriate. Survey owners can also share a survey with individuals if they need to have different permission levels than the Group.
  • Group members cannot delete shared surveys nor share them with others. If the survey owner gives the Group access to the reports for a survey, Group members are able to view and delete responses and can download their own copies of the raw data. As much as possible, access to identifying information within Qualtrics should be restricted to the owner of the survey. When sharing a survey project to a Group, OSPIE encourages unselecting the "View Restricted Data" box when setting the Group permissions, like in the below image:
  • When someone new is added to the Group, they gain access to all shared resources without the items needing to be shared individually. Group members have access to a private Group library to share survey templates, files, images, email messages used for invitations and notifications, and contact lists. A survey owner might consider putting images and files that are used within a shared survey in the Group library; this will keep the links intact if the survey is transferred to a new owner within the Group.
  • When a survey owner leaves the team or Villanova, a Qualtrics Administrator can transfer any shared Group surveys to a different account in the Group.  The surveys continue to collect responses if active, anonymous links stay the same, the data is transferred intact, and survey sharing remains in place. The former Group member's account is then removed from the group and loses access to the Group's surveys and library resources.  Please reach out to to request this transfer.