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Villanova is committed to ensuring the quality of its academic programs and the teaching and learning experiences of its students. An important component of this process is receiving regular feedback from students on the courses they complete.

Villanova is transitioning the paper Course and Teacher Survey (CATS) system to an online evaluation system.  OPIR, in cooperation with UNIT, selected eXplorance Blue as the vendor for the online system.  Courses with enrollments greater than or equal to 4 will be evaluated electronically.  Survey questions have remained the same, only the data collection process has changed.  Rest assured that students will only be able to complete the online form one time.  However, for team taught courses, students will have separate links for each instructor who is teaching the course.   

Students will receive an initial email invitation asking them to complete their online CATS approximately 2 weeks prior to the end of class.  Keep in mind that shorter courses will have a smaller window for the completion of CATS prior to the end of the course.

We ask you to encourage participation.  Please allow 10 minutes at the start of a class session for students to complete CATS online during class.

Thank you for all that you continue to do to advance the educational mission of Villanova University.  We welcome your feedback.

Any questions regarding CATS should be directed to our CATS Systems Administrator, Julie Helverson at or call 610-519-7269. 

Accessing Faculty Reports for Dept. Chairs

CATS Guide for New Faculty

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CATS Overview for New Faculty

CATS Principles for Chairs

CATS Instructor Guidelines

CATS Student Proctor Guidelines

Supplemental Questions

Example of a CATS Survey