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Survey Research

The Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness has been conducting survey research as early as 1994, with the administration of surveys to undergraduate students and graduating seniors. Our surveys are designed to support decision making for planning, assessment, accreditation, service satisfaction and program improvement. Over the years the number of surveys has increased substantially. The chart on the right shows the current number of surveys for the year.

For more details on the surveys completed in the prior year see the Annual Report. 

Systematic Survey Cycle (University-wide Reports)

Key constituent groups, which include First Year Students; Graduating Seniors; Graduate Students, Alumni/ae, Parents, Faculty and Staff, are surveyed on a routine basis to provide data for university-wide planning and assessment activities.

Completing surveys takes time and resources for both the respondent and those administering the survey. The Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness has established a Systematic Survey Cycle that rotates a version of a survey that is used over a 3-to-4-year period of time. This allows us to ask different questions over time which keeps the length of each annual survey as short as possible. At the same time it enables participation in national surveys to compare Villanova University with national norms and selected peer institutions.

Summary reports of all survey respondents are available to administrators and program directors within the University. Surveys with high response rates (such as the Senior Survey) enable analysis and reporting of data not just at the University level, but also by college or academic department. These reports are shared with the respective academic leadership only.

Commissioned Surveys (Reports by College, Academic Departments and Administrative Offices/Departments)

The Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness administers surveys for various offices and departments throughout the University. Surveys can be administered via paper or online to select groups or specific populations. Our office works with the requestor to assist in formulating the key questions, the study design, appropriate measurements, administration protocols, and instrumentation. The Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness administers the survey, creates and maintains the data base, performs statistical analyses and reports the results. Our office also provides consultation with any or all steps in this process for organizations who are participating in a national or consortium survey process.

What will it cost to use the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness for surveys ?

Please note that the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness charges for reimbursement of all out-of-pocket expenses, that is direct costs of materials, postage and special services such as data entry and consultant services. Our staff and manager time on any project is not charged back to the requestor. For requests that are not University-wide projects (i.e., projects requested by colleges and departments), the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness typically provides cost-free project oversight/review, but is reimbursed for consultants who perform the work for the project which may include such tasks as instrument construction, data collection, analysis and report writing.


If you have questions with respect to a survey, our office is just a click away. Please contact Kathy Nazar, Director of Survey Research. Requests for a specific survey project can be made by completing and submitting the Project Request Form.